• Sarah commented on the post, cheek 9 years ago

    Her cheeks turned a rosy pink as his lips left her’s. She looked up into his dark green eyes, her own brown ones shimmering in the moon’s light. And so ended her first night in Paris.

  • Sarah commented on the post, loft 9 years ago

    The loft stood above everything and everyone. It towered over people, houses, buildings, and flags. Often one walking along on the street would look up at it with their eyes covered to block out the glaring sun. They would look up and wonder what lay upon such a platform, so far from anyone else.

  • Sarah commented on the post, indistinct 9 years ago

    The man had brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, was of average height. He was an everyman. The kind of guy who everyone thinks they know because he looks like everyone.

  • Sarah commented on the post, overjoyed 9 years ago

    The cake, the balloons, the screams of glee emitting from the friends surrounding me. It was perfect, and I was overjoyed at the sight of it all. Only a small pain touched my heart as I knew this would be the last time for such celebration.

  • Sarah commented on the post, bleak 9 years ago

    The sky had a bleak tone to it as the torrent of gray clouds rolled by my house. Everything was gray. The trees, the houses, even the people all gray.

  • Sarah commented on the post, mist 9 years ago

    Mist came up form the swamp on the hot summer eve. The monster had been slumbering for days, months, years and now it was hungry. Hungry for the cool air of the night. Hungry for her.