• Nero stepped gingerly around the pucker brush and leaned into the fence. They perked up for a second, hearing the crackle, then calmed, one dog nuzzling against the others fur. So nice, he thought, so likeable, these dogs when they’re not barking and nipping and yapping and keeping me up. He peeled the meat from the baggie and tossed it over the…[Read more]

  • At cockcrow, he absconded into the shadows. An empty can of spray paint rattled down the alley, red still oozing from the nozzle.

  • With a pop and a hiss the flames took and he gasped, transfixed. He should be running over the field but his feet froze in the ground and his eyes blurred in the glare. They’ll be coming soon, he knew, to find me here with charred fingers, warming in the glow of my masterpiece. He lit a cigarette and waited. So hot.

  • darling,

    The party was a dud and ended early. I’ve gone to bed without a wit of strength left. It’s sad to imagine I’m not as popular as I’d like to think. Still, the left over spread is in the fridge covered in foil. Eat all you want and join me upstairs. I’ll need a back rub in the morning.


  • I expected more from a drummer. But in the morning he vanished and the fog rolled in.

  • Anita tries a Fire Ball

    crinkle. crinkle.
    hmmm. hmmm.hmmm..
    oh. ooh. ooh. ooooh.
    ow. ow. hot. ooow. oomowow.
    ooh. ooh. aah.
    hmmmm. oh yeah.

  • Sergei slipped his arm around her back and led her to the darkened editing chamber. The smell of his skin, all manly spice and musk, flirted in her nose. She felt her spine quiver and moistened her lips which suddenly felt dry. He leaned in closer to reach for the door. Her heart quickened as she inhaled again. Spice and musk. Tobacco, vodka…[Read more]

  • I can taste the salt in
    my wounds and I wash
    my toes in
    the waves crashed against the boat
    sending me to
    pieces of bullet fragments
    of a disturbed mind
    over matter
    of taste
    It’s delicious. So rich and so sweet.

  • Felicity sank into the tub of water. Fireworks exploded as she plunged the razor into her arm. So beautiful. The colors.

  • She reached and grabbed and poured and shook and he watched. A drop of red juice trickling down her arm.

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    After the abortion fiasco, Ariadne’s hair began to fall out. Steel stood by her side and reminded her that he’d taken an oath to love her, rich or poor, fat or skinny, in sickness and in health, with hair or without hair. She realized after the nightclub fire that he hadn’t vowed to love her with skin or without. But it was too late.

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    It started as an innocent prank.

  • On her One-Minute Date with a Podiatrist

    warts bunions calluses corns
    cysts infections incisions thorns
    ulcerations lacerations amputations
    She shook her head and shook his hand
    He’s rich she guessed
    Handsome she knew
    But could she ever fall for a man
    without removing her shoes

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    on the couple at the next table
    she burned her lips on the black
    arabica, spilled
    and stained her skirt

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    Grumbling stomach and jangling tail
    the dragon breathes in and out
    exhaling your turning pages of magazines
    your ringtones of chirps and tweets
    and messages Important! Don’t Forget!
    I tried to sleep. The dragon lulled.
    But you’re constant nudging in my ribs

  • Daddy told me I was the spawn of Creature Double Feature on Channel 56. Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster. It wasn’t exactly the birds and the bees answer I’d been hoping for but it made sense. I nodded my head and made Barbie do a split.

  • He finally went to the emergency room on the 9th day of July, five days after the epic tug-of-war competition. Surgeons performed a skin graft to repair the damage to his hands, arms and back. Movement might be limited for a time, they told him. But god willing, he’d be anchoring the team again next summer.

  • He sat for a spell in the mangled wreck, breathing in her scent. Jasmine, cigarettes and gasoline. The aroma of death. The mix tape was still in the cassette player. He ejected it and kissed the Play button.

  • Thighs of milk
    a mile long
    he dug in
    took a drink
    nestled deep
    in the hollow
    and whistled
    his daughter’s name

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    The big bodied Italian
    assaulted my mouth
    aggressive and rash
    at first just too brash
    she lingered and caressed
    her fat sassy ass
    on the nose of my throat
    til I ordered another glass
    Um. Wait. Make that a bottle, please.