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    I am lending my BFF my Harry Potter book and my American Girl Book. She will read them, then return them to me. I like to lend her things.

  • I held the cup filled with candy over my head of soft curls. I had been nominated for the team a year before, and finally we had scored the goals we needed and we had won our team game. As a child, only eight […]

  • I was nominated from the basketball team. I shouted annoyed at the coach. “I’m a perfectly good player, man!” I yelled. Sweat dripping from my forehead I grabbed up my ball and sports bottle, then headed out the […]

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    “Yes, that’s right, Lis,” said Dad. Lisbon smiled. She flipped back her long brown hair. OK. I’m ready. She tried again, filming the video of her tossing orange peel into the green holey bin and smiling and […]

  • Growing up is great. You get to demonstrate talents and discover them. You can do this by journal writing. I had that at school once.

  • Demonstrate your talent in writing. Write a book. Keep a diary. It works for many people.
    – Lea Hope B.

  • I leaned forward to better see the demonstration. “So, you know, this is our Solar System,” Jaden was saying. I backed up, disgusted. School demonstrations by Jaden suck. But I knew everyone would love mine. When […]

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    “Swing your hips, that’s it,” my dance teacher reminded me. My tight to the skin hip-hop outfit pinched and Ms. Rivers kept having to remind me to stand up straight and smile.

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    The fall air was foggy and cool; Jade sat on the swing humming under the big maple tree, swinging higher and higher with every wonderful pump of her legs, looking down at the grass scattered with skittering sad […]

  • “i am professional!” she yelled angrily. She was, she was… but the world couldn’t see it yet. Make yourself manifest, and then you will know the joy of being recognized and treated with that respect that you deserve.

  • She wants to be a professional lawyer. She studies hard, works endlessly, hoping that one day, she can achieve her goal.
    Professional means that you’re very good at something; you know your stuff. Study hard, […]

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    I have lived in Vancouver my whole life, you know. Really. I just moved to China, in a town called Xiamen. I didn’t feel scared, but I was sad. Vancouver has always been I comfort to me.

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    Hope started to cry as she looked out of the airplane window. She had lived in Vancouver her whole life. She would miss it, going to China now, living in an unknown place, an alien language, making new friends, […]

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    I live in a town I like my town. fun things happen in my town. we have parks, too.I love to to to the park by my house. it has cool gym stuff. My town is called Xiamen. I have lived in many other towns too: […]