• All the things I had been able to get over in just a short amount of time… it doesn’t really seem that I ever really moved on from them. There are still a lot of memories that move me to tears, just remembering how they had made me feel in those times. But I guess the same goes for you too, huh? And that’s why it’s not something you are eager to…[Read more]

  • It’s what I had known for a long time before I could become anything else. It was an entire existence, and almost instantaneously it changed and entered a world I didn’t realize would carry so much perversion. A three-dimensional person, multi-faceted, to those I most wanted to be away from. I didn’t choose that.

  • Of all the ones I’ve taken, this one might have been the mistake. The misstep, where I should turn around and just go home. But something won’t let me. There’s something keeping me here, even though i should leave. What is it?

  • the only way she could thrust it out of her mind was to continue jogging. maybe later she would do a few leg curls. bench press, too, if those guidos ever decided to relocate. ah, the thought crawls back from the darkness, again. she picked up the pace, as if her troubles were expelled through […]

  • they say: fame. picket fence, suit job, wife and 2.5 children. BA, MA, PhD, BS. being considered better than everyone else. popularity. solid gold toliets. private: island, jet, theatre, parties, yacht. security.

    i say: finding love in people and in what you do.

  • Plentifully prepped. Packed prudently. Processing passes. Play “probable,” “possible,” “perhaps” practically. Ponder. Please proceed.

  • A Woman Who Knows What She Wants

    Duty calls in them,
    head over them for you, pet.
    Right at yours, always.

  • Red and silky. Gold fringes lit like flames. Her brown hair swayed across her back, wispy, wild. Tight ’round her neck, but loose ’round her waist, her dark flags trailed behind her and beckoned me. I’d pledge my life to that.

  • Questions of the past, revisited whenever you brush against me. Should I have said something earlier? Was my appeal too late to catch your fleeting interests? Did I even matter in the first place? I would scarf down my lunch from sheer nerves, bite my nails, nibble at my pencil, run my fingers through my […]

  • Sick. Cockblocker to my ambition. It is my dream to ditch this popsicle stand and get somewhere, go west. All you need to do is pay my one-way flight ticket outta here, asshole.

  • They sat. Part of her wanted to squirm away. Another part liked the weight of his head on her shoulder and the warmth of his hands on hers. Who else would love her like he did? No one, she sighed defeatedly. The only thing she could do was grab these scattered affections whenever she could, […]

  • Show them to me–wait, no, what am I supposed to do with this? I know your intentions, your needs, your thirst. Play the hand. But I cannot be won over this time.

  • Seize. Search. Melt. Lap it up. Resistance is futile. The one love, the true religion. It hearkens back to the motherland. Worth more than its weight in gold; chalky, chunky, soupy, goopy, creamy, crunchy, hollow, dense. Cocoa-colored memories on your hand.

  • The seed of of a hidden desire, creeping softly from my voice box into the stratosphere. Cursed to silence, as they tell me it is not my place, that I best service elsewhere. There is a scream in my heart, reverberating and rattling a white cage furiously. There is no other way I can remove […]

  • Forth, onward, headfirst into the pit. What will you find? What do you look for? It matters not.
    Fall deeper. A cascade of emotions lighting your edges. Do not be afraid anymore.

  • How could I ever feel bad?
    Imagine—me—wanting YOU, from your wanton want of me.
    Disgusting, manipulative. Play the heartbroken, and believe I am a fool.
    We’re not twelve years old anymore, you know.

  • Sound. Sounds like peril. Or is it a call? From who? From where?
    Get going, get moving. Are you too frightened? Is it too daunting?

  • Bertha, on your way out. Don’t forget Earl. Take these candies, go to hell. Flesh—burn and froth, burn, and burn some more. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this. Take another candy. Does that feel better? Queasy, uneasy, discomforted. Cold. At least it’s cold. The bottle is empty, but the marks are still […]

  • I’d like to yield to you, in my heart of hearts. I’d like to finally let you take the reigns, finally let you lead. Take me deep into an erratic abyss of demented affection. My pride is all that can really stop you. Also I think an x-box controller is digging into my spine.

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    How would I even begin anyway?