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    a hundred years. he opens his eyes and it’s a hundred years later; the war is over. everything around them has been decimated. jagged, razor-sharp edges of skyscrapers glisten under the sun like a mouth of teeth. like artifacts of history. rain falls without clouds. the land is empty. this is all there is left, he realizes, but then thunder cracks…[Read more]

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    they were the same, almost. the same red hair, too curly to tame, flames around a cream white face. the same green eyes. if she looked in the mirror she could almost pretend that amy was still there. but what good is imagination at this point? they weren’t the same, but they were close enough. nature never favors repetition.

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    Oil seeped into the earth by the factories. Sometimes, it left pools of shimmering black on the ground like fresh rainwater.

    “You should shut down the factories,” they had said upon inspection. “The pollution is getting out of hand.”

    And yet, they had the audacity to say something like that where the streets were already littered with trash,…[Read more]

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    “I’d like to make a deposit of three hundred dollars.”

    The worker looks up and gapes. The girl standing at the counter is gorgeous – slim long legs, smooth white hair, cold green eyes that peer straight into his.

    “Yeah, you can do that,” the banker stutters, slightly dazed. “And you can deposit my heart right over there in the trash can,”…[Read more]

  • “Be more specific,” she says.

    He stares off into the distance at nothing at particular, one hand propping up his chin. “I can’t.”

    “Have you found someone else?”

    “No.” It’s a lie. “Yeah,” he says quietly.

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    Lint balls crowd on her jacket. Some are large and some are smaller. The cloth smells of mangoes and morning dew; it’s a strange, uncanny concoction to fit a strange person. He likes it, though. It’s just like her.