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    As she looked at the math book, the problem made no sense. Who cares what the mass of the apple before and after getting eaten was? She stared at her book daydreaming of a time, a time where she would get to […]

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    Everytime i think about it, i get excited. Why should death scare me if our salvation from Jesus Christ is right after? Every time i am afraid, i think why should i be? Do i not trust that God is there with me and […]

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    Ever since you left everything is bland. Looking through my magazines, seeing all the happy model couples, the advice they give girls for relationships, i see its all utter bullshit. I just want you back, and even […]

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    I kept running. Around the corner, tree branches brushing my face, birds chirping as they flew by. A bee buzzed in my face but i didn’t care. I was in the zone. Nothing was gonna stop me from breaking this last […]

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    My grandma takes me birthday shopping and asks me what i need. I think about it, my list of things for my birthday, and realize that i do not need anything. I want things. And in ways the things i want are only […]

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    Smile. Something i havent done lately. Smiling requires happiness, or joy, or just love. I frown at the abandonement of family and friends, i frown at the fighting between families, i frown at the pain in life. There has been no smiling in my life. But a frown is just a smile upside down right?

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    the rocket flew in the air, sending charred wood and sparks down below it on the stand it once rested. People cheered as it soared farther into the atmosphere. As the rocket became a glimmer of white among the sunlight, Billy knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. He wanted to ride […]

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    Solved. Problems like to be solved. Like math. But math is a subject created to stress students out, and i just loathe math and most math teachers. But there are other problems to be solved then math. Like our petty human problems. Our daily problems. Life problems. But who wants to go into the deep […]

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    Edition. I need a new edition of the Bible? Idk its whats on my mind. My Bible is a little kids version, you know like pictures, easier words and crafts and games and stuff. I want an actual teenager like study Bible, not one with pictures talking about telling your “Mommy and Daddy you love […]

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    ..whim…whim…i dont even know what it is. im just going to guess it means something like wit. so wit is being clever. and clever is when your really…clever :P im bad with definitions. i wish i was clever. i cant think of good comebacks or jokes until way after the situation passes. and when i […]

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    Summer is always a fun time. My memories of summer or what summer means to me is hanging out with my friends as much as possible. Walking to the pool or going shopping or eating frozen yogurt. I especially like taking pictures-even if we are jumping into a fool and looking stupid doing it. I […]