• thick walls hold back natural impulses
    light from within spits through thin skin
    roots pouring up from the tired earth
    hold feet and legs
    firm mind
    tough stance
    full bore
    hail storms will not sway me

  • lost in the millieu of old ideas
    broken promises and tired triumphs
    thinking even once second ahead
    or 2 minutes in the past
    takes us away
    when we’re not there
    nothing is really happening

  • Peacefulgeek commented on the post, account 7 years, 9 months ago

    for who you are
    for what you dream
    for where you wish to land
    be true
    find strength in speaking the truth
    take inventory on each morsel of your being
    account for who you really are
    and the rewards will appear in line with reality

  • Peacefulgeek commented on the post, bars 7 years, 9 months ago

    i eat them nibbling they eat me in chunks from the inside expectations far above my head set beneath my feet when I’m on top of the world in front of me when I’m trapped behind me after breaking free i will stand on top of them keeping them in check below, they can’t do […]

  • Peacefulgeek commented on the post, bars 7 years, 9 months ago

    keep us
    hold us back
    thrust us forward
    if it’s set too high
    try again
    it’s not failure, it’s only a bar
    if you’re behind them
    go deeper inside and break free
    if you’re in front of them
    fly like a storm

  • i wonder where it all came from
    the specs of dust that form us
    the mailbox
    the color green

    it’s here though
    with us, in us, around us

    we are it
    every part of it
    in every moment
    for all time

  • quickly passing
    walking past me like sticks
    ancient symbols of passage
    of time
    every time
    I do

  • Peacefulgeek commented on the post, driven 9 years ago

    pushing past the point where
    move inward
    and slow down
    drive is all mind
    be non-mind
    and be you

  • Peacefulgeek commented on the post, wash 9 years ago

    as it falls off, my skin changes
    dark brooding bugs
    thoughts thrust on my body
    ideas shadowed onto me
    as light hits my face
    it all fades
    it all crumbles
    and falls to the ground
    clean clean reborn