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    When he heard the National Anthem, he immediately stood, placed his hand over his heart, and began singing. He felt strongly that this was an important way to honor his country.

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    The wayward girl was nothing but trouble. She was constantly disobeying her parents and defying her teachers. No one knew what to do for her or to her. Nothing worked until the day that the sad, little dog walked across her path on the way home from school.

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    The bald eagle is symbolic of our country. It is a bold, majestic bird that is free. Freedom is so important to our country that the bald eagle is a perfect symbol for us. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey, but it is neither bold nor majestic. Can you imagine the turkey on the picture of our currency instead of the bald eagle? Not quite the same…[Read more]

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    “What was that noise?” she said in a whisper. “I think it was footsteps,” I said turning to look in the direction of the noise. We were in the woods, sitting around the campfire after a long day hiking. This was not my idea of relaxing and, now, I had to contend with something ominous lurking in the woods. A bear? An escaped convict? An ax murderer?

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    Degree has several meanings. It could be the measurement we use for temperature. It can also mean the term for what we earn at the end of college. It can also mean something similar to variant in as “To what degree would you go to make your position known.”

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    I was so mad! I had worked so hard on the cherry pie for my grandmother’s birthday. I wanted it to be perfect because she is an extraordinary baker and I wanted to show her that I could be a baker as well. Sadly, after I took the pie out of the oven and let it cool, when I went to cut it, the crust crumbled in piles all over the kitchen counter.

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    I cannot begin to imagine what it was like to set sail in from England for the voyage to the New World in the 1600s. The ships were small and people, animals and supplies were crammed in to every corner and space. It is not something I would have ever done. I would have just stayed in England.

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    The old woman’s hands were wrinkled and worn. She worked the reeds in and out in a rhythm that made you think you heard drums beating in the distance. It was her craft. It was her life. It was her song.

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    There are all types of thieves. There are the thieves we think of who steal objects and belongings of others. But there are also the thieves that steal words and ideas of others and make them their own.

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    Comets are very interesting. You can sometimes see Haley’s comets with the naked eye. I have read that you have the possibility of seeing Haley’s comet twice in your lifetime. I’m not sure what they are made of.

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    Tradition is important, but people should also not get so attached to traditions that they don’t create new ones. Also, people should be willing to try new things and get out of their comfort zones once in awhile. There is something comforting about traditions though. It creates some stability and gives people an idea of what is going to happen.

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    Airbags are one modern invention that we are lucky to have. I know several people whose lives were saved by an airbag when their car was in an accident. The creation of side airbags has dramatically decreased injuries and deaths from side collisions (being t-boned). One does need to remember, though, to make sure his or her seat is properly…[Read more]

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    Do you ever have days that you would like to erase? I mean, one of those days where you feel like everything has gone wrong. It would be nice if we had one free “delete” button we could use once a year where we could say, “This day was terrible. I want to relive it all over again.”

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    When I think of revival, I think of the old days when there would be traveling preachers who went from community to community and would pitch giant tents and then invite members of the community to come to the revivals and try to “save” them. These revivals often lasted all day.

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    I have totally drawn a blank. The word “stagnation” just reminds me of stagnant water. I guess stagnation simply means the act of being stagnant and not moving. Apparently, my brain is stagnant today.

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    To be continued…. Ugh! I hate that! You are really into the plot of a show and right when they get to the best part of the show the screen turns to black and you see “To be continued….” So unfair.

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    It’s important to be specific when you are giving people directions. In addition, when you say the word “specific,” it is a good idea to pronounce it correctly and not say “pacific.” I have heard many people say this. In fact, I used to work with a man who always said, “Pacifically speaking.”

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    The institute stood on a tall hill. The darkening sky gave the building an eerie glow that made one feel like it was not a place one would want to be. I stepped on the path leading to it anyway.

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    Many people are misguided when making decisions. They often rely on inaccurate information and fail to thoroughly research the issue. This has become increasingly worse with the advent of the internet and social media. People post information without checking its veracity.

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    As I sat on my chair, I was bathed in the warm sunlight. The beams washed the sadness off of my exposed skins. The warmth instilled happiness in my heart.