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    the machine said. Embarassed she stuffed the card back into her wallet hoping that nobody else in the queue had seen. She lifted her eyes hesitantly towards those of the cashier, hoping that she would find some empathy from this women. Unfortunately for her, this ‘women’ was a hard faced 17 year old who could do with some sound make up advice

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    for themselves and for one another, well that’s what they had always said. But there were others with whom they shared their affection but was that necessarily a bad thing? If something is so lovely and sweet and innocent then why do you have to lock it way and keep it just for one other…

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    is that her excuse for having such little connection with the outer world? I know she likes to think that it means that she is bolder, unconstrained by the rules and regulations of the rest of the world but really she just lives in another reality. Perhaps that makes her weak as she hides behind her cynicism

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    on the ship they sail, into the past, engraved in wood, they laugh in distortion but really it is not they but whom they caricturise that is important, they sailed away but the true fools remain… remain in control

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    she scurried by, just in front of those heavy feet. It was just too tempting, how could she stay away? Her nostrils quivered and little waves of extasy flowed down her furry little back as she raced across the open floor to reach her labyrinth beneath the stove

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    at the bottom of the garden, she felt isolated from everyone. Whether the pink of her skirt or the lue of the pinafore peeked out from behind the tree what was important to is that in her mind she was invisible. It was so boring all the grownups and there chatter

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    or gaurantee it doesn’t really matter just as long as you make it happen. Call it what you will but it is still your responsibility, don’t even doubt that at this moment there is any leeway to me not putting you completely and utterly in charge of this situation

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    your hands around mine as we dive in deep together, the rush of cold water isn’t what tingles your spine but it is the ruch towards the dark abyss below. never so we ruch towards the unknown only now do we fling ourselves so willing before it, for we know that the surface is not far away. But as we sit on top laughing neither of us allows the…[Read more]