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    mochadawl - - "I absolutely LOVE words…along with how words create the melody of a sentence….as well as set it’s tone. A conglomeration of a few sentences mustered together, (preferably within the same subject, topic or idea & usually telling a story of some kind), to group into what we call a paragraph. Several of those same fabricated paragraphs, (differing in specifics OK), relay a message or story to the reader. Required number of paragraphs is solely at the authors discretion, keep in mind that the entire body of the ‘story’ must consist of the 5 Y’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why & occasionally How), to be considered a complete copulation. Creative writing is one of my passions in life….which is why I’m so grateful to have ‘Stumbled-Upon’ this new exiting (& recently bookmarked) website…called ‘OneWord’. I’m now linked to a site where I can freely express my creative thoughts, unconventional visions, my vivid child-like daydreams, my non-mainstream ideas & my righteous personal views. I consider myself to very opinionated, but do not pass judgement on others. This particular concept is not always reciprocated but I will continue to have faith in such. There’s a plethera of words that have been created for the taking….and I plan on absorbing as many as brain will allow me to comprehend in one […]"View
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    emily4alwayz - - "I dove deeply into the bottle. Drinking deeply from its dark red depths. Inhaling it scent and drunkenly lifting it to my lips again and again. Problem? Drink. Issue? Drink. Obstacle? Drink. The circular reasoning of it all would kill me…but the escape was too potent. In the moment I could care less about tomorrow. Only longing to be lost to the world for the […]"View
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