• Her fingers were drenched, she coughed, slipping one into my mouth. I sucked for a moment, but the taste was off. I pulled away.

    “Hey,” she mumbled over her scotch.

    “Sorry, you’ve been smoking way too much.”

    I got up to find my pants.

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    “Smells good.”
    “Thanks. Worked all night on it.”
    “All night?”
    “Yeah, since I got home about… 6.”
    “You got home at 6?”
    “6pm. Like, today.”
    “Yeah, why? What’s the-”
    “I was here at six, you fucking liar.”

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    “I could smash his face in,” the priest offered.

    “No. Not that. Keep his face intact. They have to identify the body before we can collect the reward.”

    “Well, fuck all. I really wanted to smash his face in.”

  • “This will fuck you up.” Damian marched around the room, barely able to contain himself. He waved my manuscript about like a field hockey stick. “Seriously, is this how you think?” I nursed my scotch. Of course it was. But I couldn’t tell him that. “You gotta get your mind out of the gutter, man. […]

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    There is no you. There is no me. This doesn’t exist. These words were never here. It’s all a figment of your imagination. Electrical impulses flying through matter. What you perceive will only be a short burst of experience in comparison to the existence of the rest of time and space.

  • That kid is like a fucking camel. Just drinks and drinks and drinks for hours on end. And throughout the week? Not another sip. Not a single sip any other time than that one day, just storing it all, riding it out through the rest of the week. Right up until it’s time to drink […]

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    I smacked him upside the head. He dropped his magazine and I put my foot on it. He reached down to grab it, but I wasn’t giving up his copy of Highlights that easily. “You know the trouble with you, Travis?” Took a drag off my cigarette that I blew right into his five-year-old eyes. […]

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    “It’s simple. You make the incision…”
    His fingers trailed down her stomach, over her thigh, and right to the point where her legs joined.
    And in went the blade.

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    I’m stuck. Completely fucking stuck. Stupid bitch… why did I fall for her again? Oh, yeah, the nice tits and sweet looking face. Well fuck her. Fuck her little viral like laugh every time I showed her one of my pieces.

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    I slapped my hand across the seat of my trousers and looked out the window. Electric light poles rushed past. I had to scan my eyes quickly just to get a glance at a herd of cattle whipping by.

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    I checked my tie in the mirror. It looked crooked but I couldn’t tell. The more I adjusted the damn thing, the more crooked it looked and the more I wanted to adjust it. This was bordering on obsessive, so I figured fuck it, if she doesn’t like the look of my crooked tie, the […]

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    “You taste delicious. Like a slice of ham slathered in baby oil. I just wanna scrunch you up and make an olive into your new favorite hat.”

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    There are bright things that happen when the sky looks upside down at us. Clouds seem to dissipate at will. Corndogs taste better. Fruit fornicate for our enjoyment. Children explode.