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    By the way I stand tall. By the way I smile. It’s by the way I move through my life and respond to those I encounter along the way. I am measured by my grace or lack of grace. I am seen through eyes of grace or anger. Most important, is the peace and connection I feel to the great “All That Is” of the divine Universe.

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    I wish they would. Sit over there. I know that I know what to do when I am in public. I know that there are right things to do, and wrong things to do. Clearly they don’t live in a real world. they’re delusional hippies from the 60’s They should keep to themselves. Geez Mom. Quit necking with Dad in public. You’re 84!

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    I have lost it. I feel numb and shallow. Spark or no spark, I remain in a dark limbo. Lifeless living. Clouds hang over the valley and they comfort me. I have lost interest in most things. I am no where while I am here.

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    it’s all I could do to sustain the smile on my face. After the yelling, the nagging, the pushing of intentions that road over my mind, my soul, my existence. I wanted to stop the sound of his voice, but kept smiling.

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    Driving on a spring day. Window open with BB King’s throaty voice playing on the radio. Sunglasses shading my eyes. I left my earrings on the night stand. I left my coat outside in the rain. But I hadn’t […]

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    My desk. Where I work. No, where I procrastinate. No, where I edit. Wait. Yes, edit. Writing, life, relationships. Where’s my eraser? Or spell check! If I could only transform the feeling, the experiences of my […]

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    Love me love me love me. It is time to nourish my soul, my heart, myself. I can only love you when I love myself fully. Let me learn to be kind, to be gentle to be honorable to be loyal. And I will start with […]

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    “Twice bitten..”. What is that old saying? I can’t remember. But I am feeling really aware of something that feels like a gift. Like I have landed somewhere I have been aiming for. Like i am arriving in my own […]

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    Dark. It’s just dark. Grey. Very grey. The trees turned brown. Like they are frozen or burnt in place. No bushes. No plants. What kind of town just allows just lets the spewing smoke destroy everything growing around it?

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    Life has brought to me everything I have asked for. The vehicle, the computer, the family, the love. It’s like watching a happy Hallmark movie. I am going to sit down, eat some popcorn and enjoy it. Peace out.

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    Sitting in the coffee shop, looking out the window. the sun was shining in all it’s beautiful spring glory. Tingles in my stomach. Ants in my pants. My foot swinging like there was music rocking loud and inspired […]

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    It sat in the pit of my stomach. a big boulder of tension. I was excited at my prospect of freedom! of Being able to get out into the world and feel alive again. The clue, the little nugget I waited for to have […]

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    Getting to the heart. I was just thinking of getting to the heart, wandering through emotions, and yes, sometimes it is just like a maze. Sitting still, getting into my body, getting out of my head. getting, […]

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    It is something else to feel this kind of tenderness. I watch as she rocks, bounces and climbs around on the wooden pony. She is just turning one year old. I adore her. Her intrigue with the world is contagious. […]

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    I move from thought to thought, memory to memory, relaying it all. Ti circles inmy head as if it has an orbit in my mind. Nothing seems to bounce them out. Until, a friend comes over, offers a silent moment or two […]

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    Walking through the coolness of the forest, I can”t stop thinking of our argument. The sacred, it is in my heart. I get lost once in a while waiting for you and then think it is outside of me. You have no real […]

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    Oh, big Indian Chief! Did you watch the old movies from the 50’s too? Sweet lord we do not live in the dark ages any more, and didn’t you know that is very rude? Well, please accept this letter as a sign of my resignation.

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    The morning was warm, the sun shone through the curtains that were open slightly. I didn’t like seeing anything outside lately,. It just reminded me of you, things we did, and how empty life seemed now. I can barely function, well I exaggerate. I can function, I just, sometimes prefer not to, and sit silently […]

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    The plane tickets, the new furniture, the movers! oh my god! what about the car? the kids will be here to take me out to the property and get the house ready for the .. the.. wedding! I am so nervous that the plans seem to be scattering like puzzle pieces across the floor.

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    Clutter everywhere; the floor, the table, the chairs, the bench in the hall. Moving seemed to be an epic event. It was the first move away from home. Which is odd seeing that she is 42. Staying at home to help her parents raise her younger sister seemed what she had to do. Now, with […]