• this was the same word as yesturday. how am i supposed to be able to put up with this as well as everything else?
    mother has breast cancer. and MS. and a gastric bypasy gone awry. and a crippling depression.
    this is my vice, how could you give me the same word two days in a row?

  • the feather blew onto the pile of shells i was collecting on the beach. it was a pheasant feather and was roughed by the wind and salty sea. the sea crashed at me

  • the thought of being caught in it revolts me. it’s like a sickness choking individualizm and ending radical thoughts. ending the rebellion and killing hopes.
    targeted by the media and owned by a government

  • the nose fell off the face , as the brains pushed out. the statue was disolving itself after the mind had been encased in marble for one hundred and fifty years.

  • i lay there look at the crazed look in it’s eye. it stared back to me, smoke emerging from a hole in it’s throat. it coughed and the steamy smoke billowed larger.

  • he wanted to be one of them, the cool kids. they, with their classic 90’s style that screamed stuck in the past, but in a COOL way. they were just SOOOO cool.

    he also despised them. hated them for every fiber of their being. that’s why he brought the gun to school.

    he brought the gun to school to be cool.