• She wanted an autumnal dress
    To wear with her golden slippers
    And crimson smile
    She wanted to feel like the leaves
    were the wisps of hair that curled around her cheek
    She thought she was a season
    Until winter came

  • overemBellished commented on the post, silk 8 years, 1 month ago

    Like the worms spinning their fine threads to create something even more beautiful you spin your words around my heart. They slip around the form of my heart, a kiss with each caress.

  • I am stumped. Well and truly stumped. The cliché, the water on the hope. Bubbling, fizzing… effervesence… boiling from 1* to 100*, are we so narrow minded that we think only water boils. I breathe the same air as scientests, you do too, surely we think of metals, of gases and all the elements of […]

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    The root of the equation
    Never made a blind bit of sense
    When love decided not to add
    subract or multiply
    I stared at the equals sign
    And questioned what next?

    The root of the equation
    Never makes sense
    Neither does the root of

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    What does it all mean, this world, this life. The people who say I love you, who say I hate you. What does it mean when you look at the sky, gaze at the stars and feel so alone. What does it mean when we say yesterday is the past, today is the present and […]

  • dividing, multiplying
    Hospital scenes and people crying
    Tears that fall
    Parents to call
    Hearts sighing
    Thanks for trying.

  • I want to read your palm
    Predict our future and see that our roads intwine
    I want to look in your eyes
    And see through the years
    See the tears
    See us cry
    I want to know what’s around that corner
    So that I won’t miss any chance
    To remind you how much you mean.

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    I caught a whisper
    Held it in the plam of my hand
    Watched it flutter
    Delicate and Opaque
    Not weighing a feather or a whisp of air
    And then
    When I had enjoyed its beauty
    As if it knew
    It awakened and flew away

  • We were the same in every respect. We danced to the same music. Laughed at the same words. We walked together, breathed together, talked together. And often he wondered why? Why I was too afraid to take that next step? Take the plunge? But I shook my head, sighed, the one thing we didn’t share, […]

  • Sometimes I look at the sun
    Falling down behind the mountain
    I think about the lands below
    the orange deserts
    The jaded jungles
    And I wonder
    I wonder what the people
    Down there think
    As the sun begins to illuminate the planet they know
    And I don’t.

  • one smile can hide a multitude
    it can mask
    A disaster just waiting to happen
    I tell you to smile
    Smile like you mean it
    But it’s hard
    It’s so goddamn hard
    to believe a smile
    that lacks in feeling

  • Long thin slender body
    A puff of smoke
    Polluting the air
    Polluting the beauty
    You chug through the countryside
    Like a knife through my heart
    Cold, clinical, mechanical
    No one said it was natural.

  • She opened her arms to the world. Opened her eyes. She saw the blood orange sun and thought of it waking the world below. She saw the butterflies living their life, a day, just a day. She saw the apples grow red like the cheeks of a blossiming girl. She saw her life and held […]

  • I wonder will he be there
    At my funeral
    Will he cry
    His blue eyes red
    His frame weak as it is lean
    Will he fold his strong arms
    Or will he sit at the back
    Pretending once again
    That he doesn’t really care.

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    Rise and Shine early birds
    Every morning
    the same old words.
    The early bird catches the worm
    I stay in bed
    I’ll never learn.

  • You’re going to have to be patient. You’re going to have to teach me. Teach me first to trust. Teach me the meaning of love. These concepts are not tangible to me. I cannot see them. I cannot feel them. You need to teach me how to live. Then I can learn to love you.

  • You go live my life
    While I paint my nails
    and obstrustive red
    to distract from the pain
    Of you
    your long lean form
    stumbling into the lime light
    Live my life
    I’ll wait behind
    With my painted nails
    And guide you on.

  • That scratching shaking feeling that makes your cringe.
    Thinking about nails dragging themselves down the bored.
    Merely to irritate
    Merely to frustrate
    White lines and numbers
    Pi is only a number
    not intended to frustrate

  • Video killed the radio star,
    I never listen
    To the radio or to the words
    Of any song.
    Only the thoughts of other people

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    Sparkle sparkle
    the coins that clink
    In her paper cup
    why does one have so much
    When she has so few
    The limo driver didn’t stop
    didn’t dull the sparkle
    Just drove
    Right by