• Audrey commented on the post, acoustic 8 years ago

    Acoustic. Well, my dad suggested I could be an acoustic engineer. One that deals with sounds and whatnot. I currently own two acoustic guitars and a ukulele. It’s funny the way acoustic is spelled… That ‘u’ doesn’t seem to belong, but it also wouldn’t be the same word without it. How funny is that? Anyway, […]

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    A bookshelf. Eh, what do I know about it. I don’t know about anything. All I know is I know nothing. Oh, how today was bad. I can’t even think straight for a minute about a bookshelf.

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    Thirst, we all have a thirst. We have goals we have a thirst to quench. Some of are just thirsty- so thirsty we need POWERTHIRST. In all seriousness, there are thirsty people in third world countries I just wish I could give my water to. You have no idea how happy it would make me […]

  • Audrey commented on the post, alumni 8 years ago

    Alumni. I’ve only been one for one place- St. John Vianney. It brings back memories, awkward ones, involving my ignorant little self. My little self, unbeknown to the world lying ahead of her, went through SJV awkwardly. That place gave me my first boyfriend, my first best friend, and my first enemy.

  • Audrey commented on the post, connected 8 years ago

    Connected. Today, the presentation at school (over the span of two days, actually) was every 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes, someone is injured from a drunk driving accident. And seeing the simulation… everyone dying… although I was completely and totally against the program, it united the school. Everyone was connected. Through emotions and by…[Read more]

  • Audrey commented on the post, strength 8 years ago

    Strength. We all have it inside of us, and the key to unlocking it has yet to be found. Each key is different, all of different shapes, sizes, metals. I’m not sure what unlocks mine, but I find it at the most convenient times. Sometimes I just man up and do what has to be […]

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    I already wrote about galaxy today. I’ll do it differently. Galaxy has a weird spelling if you look at it for a couple minutes. The x and y seem so out of place… take them out, and it’s a gala. A nice beautiful gala with big dresses, white gloves, suits… Oh, that’ll be the day. […]

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    The galaxy is the biggest place with the most opportunity. I can’t imagine how many other oneword users are talking about how big it is and how it makes us and our problems seem insignificant. But if you throw this word at me, I think about aliens. And spaceships, and how we’re unfairly treating our […]

  • Audrey commented on the post, purpose 8 years ago

    Everybody looks for a purpose in life. Lately, I feel like I have been without one. Everything I’ve done has been other people’s purposes, not my own. I’ve always been a copy cat, a stage I thought I would grow out of in my toddler years. But I haven’t changed at all, and I’m still […]

  • Audrey commented on the post, trusted 8 years ago

    I’ve only met a couple people in my life who can be trusted. Some people are true to their word and would never betray you, and I love those people. They are probably my closest friends. My brother is trustworthy. A lot of St. Francis people can be trusted. But there’s a lot of people […]

  • Audrey commented on the post, executive 8 years ago

    Executive sounds like a person in charge. I think of people in clean, prim and proper suits with greased back hair and suspenders to keep their pants up. An executive is powerful, but I don’t see myself being an executive of anything. The executive gets things done, is in charge, and tells others what to […]

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    When I think digital, I think of an imaginary world inside of my computer, where the walls are lined with neon lights and everything is composed of pixels. Where I can run around at cyber speed and fire my lazer at anything, and the only thing stopping me from getting to where I want is […]