• Oravalia commented on the post, forklift 1 year, 9 months ago

    We have one here in the warehouse. There is a guy that sits next to me that has a forklift license but doesn’t know how to use one.
    Also-they can really fuck you up. Once a guy got pinned and it put a hole in his leg. I watch the blood squirt out like jelly.

  • Oravalia commented on the post, points 1 year, 9 months ago

    Points? I definitely don’t get any of those with my current life choices. Who is behind this facade I am presenting? What a joke.
    There isn’t a scoreboard for me. If there were i would be in the negative. However, those that benefit from me making these hasty decisions see good. I guess i’ll do the human thing and look at myself through their eyes.

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    California. Sticky hot weather, no wind to give reprieve. Ice melts off the bottles, droplets fall to the heated cement. Laughter in the ocean while the waves crash against dry skin. California, sunshine sunday’s , heat across our bodies as we tan golden under the freedom of a blue sky.

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    Nothing is known. I once believed that I knew what the future held, i knew who i was and what i wanted to continuously strive to become but the day came that all of that certainty shattered. The glass of my life scattered upon nothingness. I welcome it now because I will never go into the next day with ignorant assumptions that anything can be known.

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    wheels deals heels and feels. I looked at this and my time was already started. Wheels turning in my head and I have no place to go , popped tires of inspiration. Where is my mind? Step on it and push to find what is inside.

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    I intend to defy my very own way of life, my comfort, my thoughts, my instincts. Myself. I plan to leave this nest and open my wings and go against a city that has no love for my embrace. I will challenge everyone to stare away from my flight and keep my circle close. i will defy whatever they think i need to be.