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    “Sweep!” The rumble echoed through the crowd once more. “Sweep!” The stands shook. “Sweep!” Brooms pounded on the ground. There’s something special about being present for a sweep in baseball. I count it among my fondest memories.

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    Should I or should I not go to the tailgate party? Inside, I said, “of course I should. I can do anything sober that I can do drinking. I have no limits.” Then, once I was there, I looked down. My hands were shaking. My higher power was screaming at me, “go, now.” Self-will run riot could have turned into a drink that day. Thanks to a pair of…[Read more]

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    “Whoo it’s humid out here,” I think and chuckle to myself. Actually, I’m quite grateful for the level of humidity in Northern Nevada. Try South Texas on for size! Some summer days it’s 100% humidity at 100 degrees. It’s little things like lack of humidity, even in the face of sweltering temperatures, that I am grateful for in my life today. My…[Read more]

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    In pursuit of happiness, she found that the one she should be pursuing is herself. She should be spending time reading herself stories, getting to know her friends, learning what her favorites are, and romancing herself in a way that no one else could. In the pursuit of herself, she would finally find true love.

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    She was simply glowing. This new life of hers made her shine from head to toe. Her hair was brighter, her skin smoother, and there was a pep in her walk that screamed, “I have purpose and I love what it is.” She had just started on this new path, but she knew she would never leave it.

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    She brushed her hair back from her face. The strands clung to her face, sticky with tears. Here she was again, in the same place, about the same time. The pattern had never been more clear. Paging through memories, she saw the insanity. She resolved, once and for all, to never repeat the cycle again. It was her life, not the cycle’s.