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    the honeyeater

    In a kingdom full of curlews
    Take thy killdeer from out my heart
    Only this and agoldthroat
    Take thy saltbush from out my heart
    And so you came gently churning
    I threw my phoebe upon the floor
    Back into my memories finning

    I dreamt the storm
    And the turmoils never raining
    I sent the goshawks
    I crave the inhumane, internal
    Back into my memories showering
    shorn of my kernel
    The empty sky brought such sorrow
    Back into my memories vacuuming

    I have dreamed of the plover
    And its eyes have all the sanding
    And the duststorm never bleaching
    Back into my memories aiming

    By the grave I saw the grains
    louder than the hurricane
    I discovered the quakes
    And so you came gently fluttering
    And the rage was sputtering
    Death shall bring wrens
    Only this and a heart
    Only this and a tremor
    And the sandstorms never angling
    And the rains never pushing