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    Many years he had waited, and nothing had changed. A chasm of despair and loneliness created only by the separation of society surrounded his whole being. The arms that longed to be held by flesh and blood scratched against the invisible barrier clouding his vision. It only grew thicker as seconds ticked by. Each tick of a clock that he…[Read more]

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    Written by a mass of broken people, beaten down by the sadistic, blood-thirsty tyranny of red coats. They come bearing bad news, forcing cowardice among the young. Showing the result of fear on the weak of heart and mind. The small run, while the large stand their ground. Brought on by the paramount thought of a loquacious but never the less a…[Read more]

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    Glowing embers seemed to have replaces it’s usually cold and empty eyes. I had no idea what happened. The intensity was growing and growing. The colors shone through the barrier and the heat had become almost unbearable. It’s friends up north seemed distant and unappreciative, and especially cold. They were silent as I looked on with confusing eye…[Read more]