• She heard a ringing in her ear, rhythmic to the pulsing of the water. Even underwater, she felt sure she was receiving another transmission. She swam down farther and held the conch at the bottom of the pool to her ear. She couldn’t make out any words, but there was modulation in the voice she was hearing. And each sentence was getting louder.…[Read more]

  • “It has no function, no substance, no chutzpah!” He had no interest in his little brothers inventions. Even into his own 30s and his brother’s late 20s, John was very hesitant to give the ventures of his brother Andrew any credit; in the past twenty-plus years, he couldn’t find it in himself to give up […]

  • “The world is now at odds!” The announcer, obviously in pure fear for his life, dawned a brave face and fearless voice, announcing the impending intergalactic war between the two factions. Every kid in the arena showed fear in their eyes, recognizing the gravity that failed to run parallel to the Saturday Morning Space Wars […]

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    I’m tired and I don’t want to actually type about anything, but I like continuity. BUT, I find it FRUSTRATING that there is no statistical evidence for Public vs. Private sector space exploration. A month ago, I would have never cared about a debate anything, but as soon as you get in it, sh** gets […]

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    I feel like I’m pressed for time in my career. The entire writing industry is about who can be the most interesting, the quickest, and the most consistently. I fell pressured to have as many screenplays as possible, even though I want to, before I leave high school. I honestly think that leg up can […]