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    There was nothing to give him away. He didn’t see him coming, didn’t hear the shot. It was only after it was all over and done, limping away with a bleeding heart, that he realized who this other man truly was.

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    She is the queen. She is what they all want to see, want to be, but they don’t know. She is full of questions, she has no answers, her platform is her only solid ground and the tabloids sell her secrets beneath the planks.

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    Maisy breathed in the air of the canopy, sunshine filtering down onto her cheeks.
    “There’s no place more beautiful than this,” she told Leah. With one secret smile to her friend and a happy sigh to the leaves, she linked their hands and agreed.

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    Harrison stood before the barricade. He saw it looming and dark, leering down at him. One last breath, shaking and shallow, and with all his earthly strength faced it and tore it down. It screamed and thrashed and told him that he was wrong, that everything he did, everything he’d ever done, was futile. Futile, futile, futile…but its piercing cri…[Read more]