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    He look out the window at the soggy drizzle lazily falling from the the heaven above the ghostly white clouds. He wondered if he was their, above the haze, looking down at this dank world. God, he missed him. The way he felt. The way he smelt. Everything about him made him ache with longing. Out in the failing mist he could see him. Just out of…[Read more]

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    the rusty lump of metal was throw overboard. it sank deep into the phosphorescent ocean: past the various creatures of the deep. until, finally, it reach the sandy bed. the ship, with its exuberant velocity, dragged the anchor like a toy along the murky depths until it crashed and fused with a jagged rock.

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    “WHAT?!” she exclaimed startled.
    “Yes ma’am” the shop assistant respectfully replied “shoes are half price today”.

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    The ancient road: that leads to nowhere. The one that many have travelled but few have understood. The one that we all blindly follow into nothingness. Only the brave walk on the grass. Only the brave follow a different path.

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    I claim I’m right, even when I’m wrong. I claim I can’t, even when I can. I claim I know the truth when all I know are lies.