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    He says I remind him of Mustang. I think that’s a compliment, but I’ve been too nervous to finish reading and find out.

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    He made her feel unstable in some of the best ways.

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    A wedding should be a joyous day, but many times people make it too stressful.

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    It’s interesting to me how connected music (even with no lyrics) can be to our emotions.

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    Ornaments can be very sentimental. It turns into a very sweet tradition for couples with children. Each year more mementos are accumulated, and since they are only taken out once a year, each time can be a special time for reminiscing. Family Christmas Trees can put on display the things most special and important to a family. You might find baby…[Read more]

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    There is no escaping harm altogether. People harm others even when they have the best of intentions. Sometimes, the people who harm us the most are also the people who build us up the most. Some actions are clearly harmful. Others are clearly helpful. But it becomes more complicated when an action is harmful and beneficial at the same time. It is…[Read more]

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    The word “espresso” gives me a feeling. The word alone brings sensations to me of the way taking a sip of coffee makes me feel. Even just the smell of coffee or a taste of espresso cheesecake can lead me into a brief moment where time slows down and nothing else exists.

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    Taking a tour can be a fascinating adventure, or it can be a boring waste of time. It really depends on what a person is intrigued by and also who is along for the ride.

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    Should dining etiquette be used as a tool for judgment? If someone does not use the correct fork, should they be considered lesser than in some way?

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    Throughout a lifetime, she missed the call. She missed the deadline.She missed the opportunity. She missed the target. She missed the meaning. She missed the signal. She missed him. But she can’t be perfect, so she comes to accept that sometimes she misses.

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    This is driving you crazy as much as it is me. You prefer me disagreeable the majority of the time anyway.

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    You never know what a single kind gesture can start in someone.

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    The toughest part of being invigorated to be alive is the fear that comes of letting something slip by and losing out on something wonderful.

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    The plot is only a tool for a story. The story is not just what happens but the impact it makes on the characters and readers. This is why poems can say far more with just a few words and no context than hundreds of pages of plot.

    A person’s life is full of events that can be told, but no one can possibly grasp that person’s life without…[Read more]

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    Going to the market can entail such a different experience depending on where you live. I think it would be fascinating to travel all over the world experiencing different markets.

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    Logic was my god. Not what others decided related to science or theory, but what made logical sense to me for any and every given situation. Someone very close to me says that I think too much for my own good. Even he doesn’t fully see how deep it goes.

    Life is like living in The Wizard of Oz. There is a tornado, so everyone picks something to…[Read more]

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    I once saw a meme of a cartoon character with the words, “I love you” written over and over on the inside of the character. It looked like the words would spill out at any moment, but instead, what he actually said when he opened his mouth was “Dork”………………. dumb meme.

    People do funny things to try and protect themselves from…[Read more]

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    I have never been sailing. I imagine it would be incredibly relaxing on a beautiful day. However, you should probably choose the people you take carefully. There is one person I would love to go with, but our relationship can be hot and cold. I can see it now….. We are having a wonderful time until we start pushing each other’s buttons. I push…[Read more]

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    She didn’t know it yet, but this case was not going to let her skate by like normal. She was proud of how well things were moving along and how much information she was gathering, until she got home and started scratching. What she did not realize before was that her hiding spot had been filled with poison ivy. She was confident she would catch…[Read more]

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    Sometimes the best kind of sequel is the totally unexpected one.