• ohaielena commented on the post, suppose 8 years ago

    It is a sad thing that we are supposed to pay to live
    When life is considered to be a gift.

  • ohaielena commented on the post, edge 8 years ago

    To lose yourself in life
    Is to find yourself at the edge of the world
    Where there are no people
    And there are no rules
    But the emptiness begins to consume you
    And the days seem to grow longer
    Until you are trapped on the edge

  • ohaielena commented on the post, braid 8 years ago

    There is no easy way to tell someone you stopped caring.
    All the while, running your fingers through your hair – twisting strands into a braid, then combing it right back out.
    Like the way your relationships seem to unravel, build up, then unravel again.