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    Shore up the sides, the back, and leave the front open. Today we scoop up the spent grain into totes for the farms, we won’t dump the yeast in the high strength, we won’t waste the CO2, not today. Today we brew sustainably. Today we brew for the next decades not for the next month.

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    They were out late that night and nobody felt like going home. Their outfits were too skimpy for the Oregon nighttime. Too bad tomorrow is Friday, so close to the weekend but still so far.

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    one stripe. two stripe. three stripes a country. primary colors and primary priorities.

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    Denim jeans are a staple anywhere outside the city limits; the durability and comfort prioritized over whatever just came off the runway in those shining high rises. Jordan always liked how it looked on everyone, appreciated it honestly, so finally getting his fancy businessman boyfriend into a worn pair of Levis was the ultimate aesthetic…[Read more]

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    They like to assume myth is contradictory: infallible but fundamentally untrue, passed on yet never truly remembered. That can apply to things, animals, but what of a person, shrouded in myth but real all the same?

  • It was all a dream. The steady stream of rain led the the smiles of the entire town. Miraculous was an understatement, but seemed enough to justify the feeling of sacred life that the people of that small desert town needed.

  • A large white tent hung above and dripped and drenched muddy ground with rain water. The bear tamer inside walked to his dresser followed by his cub who had been begging him for a treat of rabbit meat. Drawing the dresser drawer, he took out many pieces of paper and a quill pen, his treasured items he received upon visiting a spanish market across…[Read more]

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    the day seems longer than you think. tonight is just beginning and we have so much more to look forward to. i miss you like i miss the old me. all the time. but that’s background music and you’re background music now. take care of yourself, tom, the night is young and the future IS bright. and if you must: don’t die alone.

  • In the jungle heat, under a canopy of trees and singing chorus of noises surrounding him, he sat wondering if what he was doing was going to mean something. Whether the revolution he would probably die for would honor him for his actions. Or did that matter? Was he truly loved? would he be remembered at all. He didn’t know any of the answers. All…[Read more]

  • Running was a prayer. Much like the physical and spiritual endurance only prayers could heal in a sweat lodge and in life, his legs carried him farther than his heart could alone and he chanted and sang over red sand, the blood of giants cut from his ancestor twin brothers. He prayed for his family first, those at home cooking dinner, doing…[Read more]

  • Down an empty stairway to the riverbed was a place where he thought, brought his lovers, his friend, but its where he grew an idea. He wanted revolution.

  • The stairway is where he got dressed. Like always he had to leave in the night, because he wasn’t fully welcome. The stars looked at him with pity, but also a love that meant they would always walk with him home down an unlit path.

  • At the moment, his worktable was the kitchen table, and his bench was one of the chairs next to him as he bent hard over the newly painted red mailbox. It was a gift. He would hide a couple more gifts inside and lift the flag. Happy birthday mom.

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    His head felt like an overcrowded room, filled with an anxious and meddling mess of people who have accumulated over time from everyone you wish you had never met. He hated this, he hated her, he hated everyone, especially himself. Maybe it was only himself who he hated. Maybe it was the gold ring band on his finger, which constricted the flow of…[Read more]

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    All that glitters isn’t gold was written on the door of her room. He decided not to knock and turned away. He could hear a silent waltz fly through his head, that filled the empty room of his apartment, and that carried on like particles of sand past the window and into the night sky and joined the stars in their empty glow.

  • Drenched form head to toe, the man sat on his porch, watching the rain travel and drape across the sand landscape. The mesa looked lonely out in the distance. His dog walked up to his chain and placed his head in his lap and whined a bit for food.


  • A like Aureliano, the dealers never deserved a second chance and were wiped off the face of the earth. Up in clouds of dust, shells, and shattered wood they were sprayed into oblivion and disappeared into the storm.

  • Listen to the golpe upon the drum you beat, for if you don’t, then how does your heart know when and how to beat? A group of those collectively beating the drums of their hearts are that of brothers and sisters of the same terrain.

  • Lost in flight, like the sounds of a Cello and Violin, he never touched ground again, never saw the sandy terrain of the desert nor the green woods of the northern forests, but he kept on flying toward a new landless place where infiniteness swallowed him and embraced him, and he never felt alone again.