• Nuinui commented on the post, farmers 4 years, 11 months ago

    “Let’s be farmers after this,” my friend, Johnny, says.
    I stare at him, baffled and surprised by his sudden confession. Unable to resist, I ask him why.
    “Because it seems like a quiet and peaceful life.” He smiles at the thought of the sun beaming on his face and the smell of fresh grass. I nod in agreement. Anything calm and relaxing would be…[Read more]

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    She looks at me with her pleading eyes, begging me not to leave. Tears welled up in her eyes, as her eyelashes hung low and heavy with teardrops after every blink. They ran like rivers down her heart-shaped face, a beautiful face now creased in grief and sadness. I could not wipe away her tears because my hands were immovably wrapped around her,…[Read more]

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    My breath catches at the sight before me. A light breeze pushing through the open window causes the soft curtains to sway in the air. The room is quiet and tranquil as birds outside can be heard chirping merrily. Their whimsical playing flows into the room, filling it with life. Sunlight streams into the room, as light spills over every object it…[Read more]