• The Dreamer commented on the post, corner 8 years ago

    I love sitting in the corner of y bedroom. its really peaceful and its always soothes me. The best thing about sitting in a corner is that you feel really secure. The world may seem big but there is always that one place where you are wanted.

  • The Dreamer commented on the post, forgetting 8 years ago

    I opened my eyes and blinked in the like sunlight. I just couldn’t locate where I was. My mind was blank but as soon as i stood up, i saw the familiar street. It brought back the memories I had shared. This, i decided, was HOME

  • The Dreamer commented on the post, painted 8 years ago

    I took my coloring pencils and ran up to the sidewalk. i sat on my knees and painted a beautiful picture. Full of rainbows and flowers.. Quite sunny totally opposite to my feelings. But it cheered me up. :). I smiled at my creation. It filled me with a warm feeling in my tummy that […]