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    There were three even knocks on my door. I stood back nervously and my dad rose to answer it instead. He didn’t appear nervous, but I knew him and saw the way he walked stiff and stretched his hands as he moved toward the door. He looked back at me and forced a smile, to me he looked on the verge of tears. He then swung the door opened and the…[Read more]

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    The salesman knocked on the door. Again. I peered between the cheap plastic blinds to the front porch where he stood. He wiped beads of sweat off his forehead and swept back a piece of his come-over hairstyle that had fallen forward. His grubby hands took out a pamphlet and hung it on my door knob. As I watched him turn to leave I released a…[Read more]

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    I smiled at him across the alter, vowing to spend my life with this man. I know life will bring trials and we will have our rough times, just like every other couple, but I also know that we will get through it. “I do.”

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    Walls built up so high,
    crashing down now before your very eyes.
    Not what you expected, it withstood winds
    Hurricanes, Tornados.
    Now a blink of an eye—-
    not AN eye
    HIS eye. A glimpse of a smile
    and All those walls

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    He climbed the staircase cautiously, following the trail of blood. He had his gun ready, for all he knows the killer could still be in the building. No matter how many years he has been doing this jib, nothing can compare to the sickness in his stomach as he searches each room, anticipating the violence that may await him.

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    Her eyes scanned his face, searching for clues. His mouth seems pressed. His eyebrows are furrowed up in the center of his forehead. He subconsciously rubs his nose.

    She sighs. “Baby, why were you so late coming home tonight?”

    He blinks quickly, swallows hard, and looks away. Softly he replies, “I told you babe, I had to get milk.” He…[Read more]

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    “I’m just swell,” she said through gritted teeth.

    But she was thinking otherwise.
    A flat tire isn’t ‘swell.’
    Being late to work, again, isn’t ‘swell.’
    Finding out your fiancé was cheating on you after five years together isn’t ‘swell.’

    But nobody wants to hear all that.

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    I looked at the blue little bundle of joy in my mother’s arms. I don’t think Eli will ever truly comprehend my love for him and the utter relief of his safe arrival. He won’t know the sickening fear I had upon learning the news that we were expecting him and the anxiety I held within my eight year old heart every time I asked my mom if she was…[Read more]

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    I wasn’t expecting a visitor and was startled when the doorbell rang. I had just been sitting down to finish a painting I had started the night before.

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    He pushed me down and said to do whatever I wanted, he wouldn’t be help responsible for my actions anymore. I heard the anger in his voice, but in his fiery gaze I saw the threat: don’t go against him again, or I would have to endure more than just one violent shove.

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    Musicals were never his favorite kind of movies, but for me he watched them almost every weekend. Most people would be a little surprised if

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    I smiled, “This can’t be real!” Dayton laughed and kissed me on the nose.
    “Believe it baby, that ring on your finger means you really are mine, ’til death do us part.” His arm around my waist pulled me tighter and we moved gracefully to the music, my white dress sweeping the ground. The moment was perfect, but our parting was sooner than…[Read more]

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    As I waited at the front desk to check in for my visit I clasped my hands nervously. I hadn’t been in to see him since the accident and I couldn’t escape the sense of guilt that had been eating away at me since that night. I shouldn’t have let him get into the car. I knew he was too tired to be driving, I should have just made an exception and…[Read more]

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    Maybe if I had applied myself to the relationship more I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. I wouldn’t be sitting on my bed alone, in an empty apartment, looking through old photo alb

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    My heart was in pieces, but I glued a smile on my face when I met her. They would get married and he must never know how I fell. he cant know that this news destroys my dreams and p

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    The sound of his voice was so soothing. It was the voice that I heard countless nights as I fell asleep in his arms in that cold room and the voice I heard all night in my dreams. But these words were not comforting in the least. “We

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    She looked between the two; how was she supposed to choose? She had never faced a decision li

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    She swept the question away, pretending the matter was of no consequence to her. Little did Troy know the significance of what he just said. He hadn’t e

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    Her fingers scittered nervously over the notecards she held. Her stomach was in knots and she shook violently with fear. As she looked over h

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    End. One word, a simple meaning. It’s not hard to define but it is so hard to do. When do you know when it is the right time for something to be over, for it to end? When do you tell your heart that it’s time to stop beating for the one it