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    He is so removed from the world. He was born as a star, simply watching the silly people walk around the Earth with fascination. He grew to love the people and wished he could help them.

    He felt happiness when the small ones would ooh and aah at his sparkle, sometimes shifting to get an extra gleeful noise from them. He felt sadness and grief…[Read more]

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    He emerged from the mist, condensation clinging wetly to him, plastering down his hair. A drop hung suspended from the tip of his nose, as if loath to leave him. I knew the feeling.

  • There was a rustling of taffeta as she turned from the mirror. Today was the day she was marrying the man she loved! From this day on, he would always be there for her.

    …He would ALWAYS be there….

    Good god! What was she thinking?!