• It was a crooked sort of thing, most people said. He’s a goner, a wanderer, one that doesn’t protect those he cares about–country, family, life, love.

    I couldn’t take it any longer.

    The flag bellowed at me like its stars were bore into my back.

    A flag that I’d sworn under.

    A politician, they had said, a crooked one at that.

    I’d…[Read more]

  • She seemed nice. Really. But he’d panicked. He didn’t want to be a celebrity. He never needed the spotlight. He simply did his job. But this was spiralling out of control and all he could do was push them all […]

  • There was really no dilemma. Really. He should just be able to ask. Just ask him. It’s not hard. It really isn’t.

    “John…would you…could I…”

    “What is it, ‘Lock? Everything ok?”

    “Yes…I […]

  • All he was supposed to do was get it back. Retrieve the stupid flying disc that always had a way of escaping him. That brightly coloured floppy thing that the upright one kept catching and throwing and taking […]

  • There was the cabin in the woods.

    There was the hotel with the fancy lobby.

    There was the dingy looking gas station with the smelly looking old man and the expired packaged biscuits.

    There was the lonely […]

  • The cursor blinked. The monitor was a monstrous thing, really, taking up most of the desk. But it was one of the few things that Mycroft had decided not to get rid of. It worked fine. It got the job done. It […]

  • Nobility. Honour. Valour. Justice.

    He trekked on, barren wasteland and endless landscape barreling on in front of him like the scrolls of old, rolled out for all to see, some to read, many to […]

  • He didn’t have one. Everyone else had one. He didn’t.

    “I wanna be a doctor.”

    “An actress!”

    “Mountain climber. I wanna be a mountain climber.”

    The teacher looked at him, the gaze that was ever […]

  • John, I know that I

    John, this is hard for me to

    John, I want you to know that

    John, if I

    John, you


    “Dammit,” he growled. The backspace key was taunting him just as much as the cursor on […]

  • Cliche. All of it. It was nearly sickening.

    Useless sentiments, acts of “kindness” and chivalry and ancient prose recitals.

    Music too simple and too cheesy for the rest of the world, assaulting the ears of […]

  • Pistons moving, north and south, gears clicking, tongue in throat, massive workings, here and there, running, pausing, reeling, steam and smoke, faster and harder, holding onto what seemed broken, suddenly […]

  • It’s not that he didn’t care about him. In fact, if there was any inclining he’d had any disregard for John’s feelings, it’d be sorely misinterpreted.

    He didn’t know what he’d seen on the moor. He didn’t know […]

  • It was elementary, really. An entirely primitive thing of nature, to want to be with someone. It was an easy, human concept — that part smarted a bit, he’d have to admit — but it was normal.

    He didn’t want […]

  • He’d never had good handwriting. It was pretty much understood that if he’d written anything, you either understood it or gave up half way. It was like deciphering a code, a cypher, and sometimes, John just said […]

  • He’d never done it before. Well, he had, but on the other end. He’d never actually -done- it.

    “I can do it first, if you want.”

    “No, it’s fine…”

    “I don’t mind, John.”

    “I know…”

    But he’d never […]

  • The way he moaned. The way he cried out his name. The way he whimpered and begged and asked for “More, please, God more.”

    John never was one for classical. But with him, with him every sound, every cry, […]

  • What use was he? His senses heightened yet numbed. What good could he do? He heard the ringing, constant and ever present, all around him, a gong tolling his fate.

    The blast was blurred. The memory faded. […]

  • It had been too long. Far, far too long. And yet when their eyes met, it was like yesterday. The great chasm dissipated, the separate pieces merged to one.

    They reclaimed their being. They took back their […]

  • His name was hardly one to praise. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Ever since the year he betrayed the village, he’d been, for lack of a better word, excommunicated.

    Once hallowed, now deceased.

    If […]

  • No. He didn’t have one.

    Yes. He was most definitely going to make one up.

    “She was with me, ask her.”

    Put complete trust in a stranger. Why the hell not.

    “She saw me. She was with me all night. We […]