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    Hoodie – An antisocial individual with a penchant for maintaining optimal head temperature.

  • “I was delighted once” he said woefully.

    “I’ve not had a cigarette since.”

  • In a world where reality television had completely taken over, every aspect of an individuals life was now televised, via a massive network of not just cameras but a new cognitive insight device, that allowed any given individual’s visual field and train of thought to be remotely accessed at any time. Though initially devised as a method of covert…[Read more]

  • It was customary for Harry to talk to himself, especially when he was thinking about some in depth notion, something he would oft do. However, it wasn’t until the day a voice began to reply, that he’d realized he’d managed to double himself, over time transforming his otherwise, space of solidarity, his mind, into a forum of like minded…[Read more]

  • If there was one word that could describe John, it was nondescript, which is unusual if you consider it. For all of his attributes were individual, and in causation, unique to him by face. However due to the various socioeconomic factors that society afforded an individual of his type, the resultant persona was inevitable; as though society held a…[Read more]

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    He perhaps wasn’t the most direct, or attractive pupil, but he had always been her favourite. She liked his darkness, his slight appearance, but mostly she enjoyed the one thing about him, everyone else viewed as a disability, the way he could never keep eye contact with her, no matter how long she would stare longingly at him in the mirror.

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    He’d been doing the same thing week after week, day after day, and couldn’t help feel his very existence had been reduced to nothing more than simple routine. No spontaneity, fun or surprises were ever in store for him, for he lived stuck a mundane rut, the rut of life.

  • The showing of love between two sentient beings, a touch of the hand, a kiss on the forehead, a glancing smile from across a crowded room. It was the only thing she’d ever really wanted to feel, not lust, power, or even happiness, just the simple warmth that only true affection provided, deep within her chest.