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    He wades through the murky water, diving once more. Don’t panic, don’t worry, everything will be all right. He can’t see -there’s nothing to see- down below in the darkness between the inky tendrils of seaweed and the ghastly fish. He’s scared out of his damn mind and his lungs are screaming, but he can’t […]

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    She moans like a cheap corner whore, and in reality she doesn’t feel far from it -not as she moves against him too eagerly, giving him what he wants. Except…this isn’t what he wants, he doesn’t want her, he’s settling for her because he can’t have what he really wants. She wants him so badly […]

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    She is his escape. He goes to her only when he can’t stand it anymore, when he’s unraveling; something that’s becoming frighteningly frequent. He seeks her out when life becomes unbareable, when his parents scream and his friends reject him, when he can never have the one he wants…when that one scoffs at him and […]

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    He always forgets to bring an extra shirt when he sleeps over, because he knows the other will lend him one with out a thought. He doesn’t always dodge when the other goes to catch him by surprise with the garden hose, knowing he’ll lend him a shirt. And when they’re both suppost to be […]

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    She was left behind again. She hates how this always happens, hates how they think she can’t be useful and is only good for looking pretty and being a supporting friend. And so she gets left at home while the other two are out saving the world. But most of all…they’re out there growing closer, […]

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    The server politely takes their orders, then slips him a guilty smile; as if knowing how much he doesn’t want to be here right now. He doesn’t acknowledge the look. The server brings their food, and he notices his plate holds a little something extra. He chances a glance up and the waiter subtly rolls […]

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    They are the same, looking so alike in both physical feature and mentalities; literally a part of one another. They share the same heart. But they have been divided; torn into two broken pieces, wishing only to become one again…to sooth that burning ache which lies in their chests; so identical. But they don’t know […]

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    He pretends to listen to all the others, to be absorbed in whatever shallow thoughts they are rambling on about. But in all reality his glances steal to the stairs, half-hidden, that lead upwards into the darkness. They lead up to the hallway, that leads to the locked door. There’s no way he could logically […]

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    The words leave those lips, and just like that his body goes numb. His mind is uncharacteristically blank and his world seems to tilt, collapsing, falling away into nothing. He couldn’t…he couldn’t just LEAVE! Not as if it didn’t matter…not as if THEY didn’t matter! The other promises to be back as soon as he […]

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    He chuckled, watching as the other frowned and grumpily looked away, a light pink slowly dusting his cheeks. What a wonderful reaction, maybe he should repeat it more often.

    Who knew that a simple kiss could affect one so.

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    They were doomed from the very beginning. Hati to chase the moon and Skoll the sun; only ever seeing a glimpse of the other before disappearing behind the mountains. They would be forever separated, forever left wanting, forever being punished for some one else’s crime.

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    “Aren’t you so glad that Cloud is finally gonna stick around!” Yuffie shouted in excitement.

    “overjoyed” Leon muttered sarcatically, as he wasn’t paying attention and could honestly care less.

    Of course he was excited, but like he’ll he was gonna let yuffie -of all people- know that.

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    There is only silence. No words are spoken, no sweet-nothings whispered. No noises to signify defeat. Just the rustling of clothes as they get pushed down to the floor and forgotten.

    No attachment.

    This means nothing.

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    She cries and she screams, beating her fists raw against the brick barrier. She screams until her voice is breaking and the taste of iron is on her tongue; fingers bloodied and ripped as she claws at the wall, the fence built to keep her in for reasons she doesn’t know. She calls to the […]

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    He was always close, so close. But never close enough. He could see him, watch him, call out to him…but never close enough to touch. He was always right there, within arms reach, yet always just out of his grasp. He was near, yet in the same sense so very far away. And it was […]

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    He just couldn’t handle this anymore. He was too high strung; it was too much to deal with. All the demands and the appeasement. He just wanted OUT!

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    He hated birthdays. He hated the fuss everyone made over him, what with the nice food and the gifts he didn’t ask for (even if they were practical and he could use them). But as HE stands there, the one who’s been absent for so long, and looks down like a guilty child as he […]

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    He had a hard time with this sort of thing. He couldn’t promise to always be around, couldn’t promise to be there when he was needed. He was already committed to seeing something else to its completion. But he knew that the other understood, that the other also had a dark past haunting him; so […]

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    To them it’s a business deal, a lease: she rents out her heart to them for whatever use they fancy. And while she let’s herself be taken advantage of she’s desperately hoping that one day they’ll stop looking at each other in that sappy, mushy way and realize that she loves them both very much, […]

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    The skin is like velvet beneath his fingertips; soft and smooth and perfect. He hesitates, fingers ever so gently pressing into the flesh. With a sigh he turns away from the sleeping figure; half wishing the other had woken up, and at the same time glad he didn’t.