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    The woman had a sultry look on her face as she lounged on the couch in a sheer nightgown. Her daughter had passed through the room several times now, trying not to take more than a glance at her mother. The girl had promised herself that this would be the last trip to the kitchen, scared of crossing paths with the man her mother was waiting for,…[Read more]

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    He revved the engine again, as he thought it would be more impressive the second time, and winked. The girl in the red dress, however, was not to be moved. She simply stood on the sidewalk, staring blankly at the space behind him and ignoring his beckoning gestures.

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    She wished the wounds would disappear. She wished the steady stream of tears from her eyes could wash away the blood and heal the cuts and make all of the sadness drown at her feet. If only…

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    They didn’t plan on catastrophe. I mean, who plans a catastrophe. I guess that’s one of life’s greatest questions, isn’t it? Who plans our lives’ twists and horrible, unpredictable tragedies which come so quickly and stay so long…

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    She stenciled his face in her mind, traced around the edges until she had a perfect silhouette, and then filled it in with black charcoal. As the details of real life faded, this became his image in her mind, a shadow of someone walking out the door.

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    I am not native to this pit of despair in which I dwell. I was once happy. Once upon a time, I ran free through the world of love and joy, not focusing on the darkness which clouded the edges of my picture perfect fantasy. But now the darkness is all I see, and it is here I dwell.

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    The disco ball hung above us, cold and metallic, spinning slowly and serenely over the sea of chaotic and sexual dancing going on far below it. The lights which careened off its mirrored surfaces neglected the dark places but the spherical moon itself saw me in the shadows.

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    She was beaming at me from across the room, her smile casting a friendly glow like a lighthouse, grinning at a passing ship and making their homecoming that much more beautiful. Because that’s how I felt when I saw her. For the first time, I felt like I was coming home.

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    They ordered her execution. And when they could not kill her, they ordered her banishment. And when they could not bring themselves to make her leave, they ordered her to be raised up in the arms of the populace, the new queen of the land, past sins forgotten. The woman simply smiled at this, her mission complete.

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    I sat on the window sill and looked out at the dawn, the sun rising out of a blanket of mist just as you will rise out of the covers on the bed in a few hours, looking as delicate and bright as the morning sun and spreading your colours out into the world, filling me with the beauty of early morning all over again.

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    The revenue we received from the book store was small, but with her extra hours at her internship downtown and my night job waiting tables, it was enough to make ends meet, and that was all we ever needed.

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    The patterns fell away, the shroud falling to the ground and revealing the perfect figure, cut away by time and stress, all soft curves and slim lines, nothing like the geometric shapes she cloaked herself in.

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    My scalp burns as she rips the hair off my head, tearing it out from the roots. Her screams are no longer decipherable, and now I’m fighting back mostly to keep myself alive. I don’t care about Mathew anymore. He means nothing to me as my instincts kick in and I fight for my life.

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    She was so strung out, every small movement seemed to take effort. Too much effort. Looking at her, I was amazed she hadn’t broken yet. But it didn’t look like it would take long. She was going to break soon. Her eyes were red, her face was pale, and every word brought tears to her eyes.

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    The narrative was long and boring, but I didn’t stop him. There were so many things you can learn about a person just by the way they tell you what they did over the weekend, even if all they did was sit and play video games.

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    The famine had wrought starvation on the land. Everyone thought the sorcerers or the gods had caused it. No one knew the actual truth. If they had, they would have known they had more to worry about than their empty stomachs.

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    The boy looked up from his controls only for a moment. In a split second, his astute eyes took all of her in, and then he was back to his controls, his mind working at a million miles per hour. But his mind wasn’t on the game…

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    Her raven black hair seemed to suck all the light out of the room. The power spilled forth from her eyes, and in a moment, I felt myself drowning in the power of this beautiful sorceress. So much power, so much beauty, so much darkness.

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    They submerged her in the icy water again, pushing her writhing body under until she thought she would die if she couldn’t breathe. Then for good measure, they held her down a little bit longer. She was then yanked up roughly by a pair of calloused hands, and thrown into a chair where she collapsed, shaking. The men stood, grimly around her in the…[Read more]

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    The casting agent looked at the person singing her heart out before him and sighed. All of her pitches were sharp. No good. But she looked so excited, so enthusiastic. He had been waiting all day for someone with this kind of energy. But if she couldn’t sing, she would have to go. He dreaded the moment he would have to tell her that…