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    I think it might even be considered a type of torture to bring a kid to the Native American art history museum. Now that Charlie was off at college, I no longer had anyone to tell me when to schedule orthodontist appointments so I could ditch field trips. Mom had heard about the trip the […]

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    The boy with horns whispered, and told me he was Spring. I have circles under my eyes, holding the star-lit dreams that I never claimed. They’re brimming with a thousand memories I’ll never have and sometimes their ashes are left behind in the creases of the books I use instead of pillows, and sometimes in […]

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    My eyes convict themselves of tyranny upon the reflection in my ruined mirror. Water stains in tiny, splashed circles mark the time I cried, but my eyes are far beyond that now. I’ve stopped crying.

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    I lay my head on your stomach, and hear the air circulate through your lungs; I hear your heart beat like the sound of approaching thunder.

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    MYSTERY “Yes,” her words slithered from her mouth in a snake of condensation, “but who ARE you, boy?” He strained his eyes to see her ghosty figure. He didn’t answer. He didn’t know. So there they both were, standing in the cracked, pale light, and neither of them knew who they were. This was going […]

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    ANTLERS “They called her the hoofed girl and they said she lived in the pine forest just south of here. Don’t hear much about her though, ‘cept on coooold days like this when everyone’s trapped in their houses from here to Igostav. Th’ say the wind brings her on its breath and she finds the […]

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    Jennine Smiles was my granddaughter. Three days after she was born, I held her mother as she cried. A week after she was born, I packed up her little onesies and dismantled the crib in her room.

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    FORGETTING Her mind was running loose these days. “Sarah? Is that you?” “No, grandma, it’s Rachel. You need to take your medice now.” “I don’t know a Rachel. Come here, Sarah. Did you ever tell that boy Ronnie about what you heard at the park yesterday?” “Grandma, it’s Rachel–and Ronnie’s my dad. They’re grown up […]

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    BACKPACK He’ll grow up with one of those Thomas the Tank Engine backpacks he’s always wanted. He’ll grow up with a little red baseball cap and new, white sneakers instead of the used sketchers with a hole wearing out near the big toe. He’d finally go to the Play&Learn Art Camp with that funny blue […]

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    A photograph. Her hand is soft and not yet used to the rough sands of the beach and the hot-breathed sun. He takes her hand and pulls her to the water, her pink floppy hat flipping into the salt-core water, and almost pulling her little sunglasses with it.

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    I remember when Tommy told me that girls shouldn’t play with toy cars. I remember that I told him to suck it, turd, girls can do what they want.

    I remember throwing my favorite Racer 450 into my little pink garbage can, and that day, I remember deciding to become girl.

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    SIDEBURNS There he goes again, that old guy on the motorcycle. I see him pass by ever Saturday afternoon, reliving the old days with his big sideburns and torn bandana. I always see him alone, and to be honest it makes me kind of sad, even though I see that big smile on his face […]