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    The peasants move swiftly through the crowd to get into place as the gates open on the huge square. Common folk meander through, searching for everything they need. Blatant calls for materials pierce the air as my eyes wander toward the glorious castle holding up the entire village.

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    The world walks with itself across a desert of anger. Whilst you sit on a tea kettle waiting for the steam to blow up into you. Your vision is blurred by the scarcity of happiness you follow without caution. I walked among you and i feel among you now. I am alone. I am alone.

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    They bit into me before i could think of how harsh the pain would be. My mouth watered as the pleasure set in and, as the creature finished, my blood boiled with intense rage. I threw my arms around her and gazed into her eyes; I was home. Dead and loving it.

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    A brand new feeling every time you sit down. Waiting in line for that thirty seconds of pure, unaltered bliss. The ups and down bring you to another world where the first kiss is the first kiss by the fiftieth time it’s happened. Backwards, forwards, every time i think of how i feel, there’s too […]

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    In my own version of one of my favorite songs, the boy is left wondering why love can be so cruel and how one can fall out of love so quickly, without a word of notice from the counterpart. maybe love isn’t fallable and never will be. Maybe i should just start to think like […]