• Jewels? Are you kidding? What do you take us for, common thugs?

    Cash? Hardly. We’ve come for something valuable.

    Your reputation? Clearly we have differing definitions of “valuable.”

    Time, dear boy. The one thing you can’t get back. And we’ll be taking all of it.

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    Maybe when the sun comes up
    That’s when we’ll find you.

    Maybe when it’s a new day and everything’s bright and clear
    We’ll see you were there the whole time.

    You’ll come running up to the door, wagging your tail
    Just like you never left
    Because this is your home

    And we love you.

  • I want to be whole
    I haven’t done anything
    It’s so exhausting

  • I remembered that one. Vegas. ’86. We’d had a little too much to drink.
    That one was definitely familiar. Milwaukee. ’88. We’d had more than a little too much to drink.
    But that one? I’d rather forget. Houston. ’92. I didn’t even feel like drinking that day.

  • “So what’s it worth to you, friend?”
    “I…I don’t know. I don’t guess I’ve ever really thought about it.”
    “Well, now’s the time.”
    “I…I mean, what do I even ask for?”
    “Heart’s desire?”
    “I…I suppose.”
    “I’ll help. What do you want most, right now, at this moment?””
    “To not have to make this decision!”
    “Excellent! Aaaand…done! One soul…[Read more]

  • I really hate flights
    They always make me nervous
    But Spain is worth it

  • “First time?” he asked, lowering his magazine into his lap.
    “Yeah.” She replied rather sheepishly. “First time flying. Pretty nervous.”
    The old man offered her a warm, grandfatherly smile. “You’ll be fine. The plane does most of the work.”

  • “Now you have to be exact. Precise. We can’t afford any mistakes.”
    “I…I’m not sure if I can do this.”
    “Well, the nice thing is, you don’t have a choice. People are depending on you. Steady, now.”
    “Well, I just…what happens if I mess up?”
    “Then the souffle is ruined.”

  • That’s what I need; a schedule. If I could just learn to squeeze the minutes. I mean, there are so many of them. It’s a shame to waste them. Line it all up, and then knock it down. No more wasted time. Start the day off properly. First the OneWord entry, and then we go run.

  • “We’ll meet at the safehouse. Just get out of here.”

    That’s what she told me. That was six hours ago. The sirens have stopped since then. Now there’s just the sound of the rain pounding out a cruel cacophony that sounds all too much like approaching footsteps against the pavement. Where is she?

  • Sometimes, he envied her productivity; the way she got things done, the way she was able to filter out distractions, even the way she carried herself when working. Sometimes, he hated her for it. Other times, though, she was his hero.

  • What is it really?
    Baelish says it’s a ladder
    I think it’s a spork.

  • “Wait!” it cried out into the seemingly eternal expanse , “Just give me another pass!” It paused hopefully, only to see a familiar blue light appear all around.
    “Surely, surely this can work, please! Please, do not forsake me!” But it was too late. The writer simply couldn’t make the sentence work. Delete.

  • I’ve been starving the past few days. It could be the lack of meals–flu has always been an appetite killer for me–, but I think it’s something else. I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed creating. It’s good to be home.

  • Sit under a tree
    And learn a little somethin’
    And once you do? Share.

  • Hi. I…I made you this. I hope you like it. I know you—uhm, I know you like a lot of these guys so I figured you might…yeah. Here ya go.