• i think of several words and phrases. i, of course, trip on them more often than i walk over them. there are only tree roots under my feet now, no flat ground. there are only hills with slick paths and fields with no more rocks. there is no more tread. there is no more friction. so my words trip and kick eachother until he doesnt want to correct…[Read more]

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    i stacked the plates and they were still wet. they clattered and spilled over each other and i knew just how upset i had made it. i made the noises that spat all over the floor. the saliva spilling between cracks in the tile, eating it from within. I knew how upset i made the walls- they had to bear witness to my mistake and all of its noises. so…[Read more]

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    i dont really know how to do this. my brain is wed to the idea of my misery. i write the same thing everytime i write. maybe i am a shitty writer. why cant i write today, it all sounds so cliche. all my writing does. fuck this day into oblivion.

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    i could talk for hours of the silly ways my heart has adapted to the weight, the heavy and unstoppable squeezing on my arteries and in turn, my cells. i swear to you, it takes my breath away when certain looks meet my face. strangers and lovers bring those looks to the dinner table. they are salt and pepper and the basil in your soup. this makes…[Read more]

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    we walked to the cinema together, our ribs were interlocked like heavy chains made of gold and copper. each link made an echoing noise as we stepped. it was a beautiful ensemble of orchestra and man, everyone was listening. ears turned to the music, eyes fixated on our bones.

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    i am walking photos. scars that have stuck with me from past lives as slaves and martyrs are now the ones that put me on the front page of the editorial. my stance and wide shoulders do too. my back with its bumps and my face with its discoloration. my teeth like pomegranates and my hair like pasta left on the stove for hours and hours on high…[Read more]

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    he said i was a controller, something with many buttons to be pressed and many codes to be encrypted. so he pushed those buttons, all of the good ones and bad ones- making sure to confuse my brain and, subsequently, dismantle it completely. he said i was complicated, though he knew my programming like he studied it in class, like i was a piece of…[Read more]

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    she spoke to him like the low notes of a cello. mild symphonies like b flats and deep dark gs. she spoke in one fluid motion and never stopped until the conductor in her mind lowered his hands. she made the music that soothed his ears when as he sat in the audience, a mere spectator of her performance. but when the lights came back on in the…[Read more]

  • it was just so muddy, the whole situation! i mean who walks in with a straight face and demands something so precocious and ridiculous? i mean, who has the nerve to ask something like that? the answer seemed to be, as it usually was, Jane Amsterdam. she was a woman of complexity and longing as well as full and entire attitude. she carried herself…[Read more]