• Amanda Nelson commented on the post, sliver 7 years, 5 months ago

    “Ouch! Goddamnit Jim I gots a sliver in mys fingy!”
    “Your what?”
    “My fingy Jim, my goddamn fingy!”

  • Amanda Nelson commented on the post, poster 7 years, 5 months ago

    My eyes were glued to the wall, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! On the wall there was a poster, and I knew the picture like the back of my hand. It was my ass! You could even see the little fairy tattoo I […]

  • “Ugh, my heart aches.” The old man groaned as he walked up the bus stairs. “Guess I should pop some pills, hey bus driver?”

    “Yeah whatever, just sit down.” The old man took his seat and began to take his pills […]

  • The attendant handed me my bag of peanuts and I immediately got outraged. PEANUTS?! Who the FUCK eats peanuts? I threw them back at the attendant and ran to the back, trying to hide my true disappointment.

  • Drifting away into the sea. No one knows, and no one can see. Lost in the drift, I don’t think I’ll ever be found. If only I had drowned.

  • Last night, I ate the most exquisite gopher I have ever had before. His name was Goldy, and he said he lived in some weird place called Minnesota. Where the fuck is that? Either way, he was amazing. I need to go […]