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    alexuall - - "Rolled over to a ray of sunlight shining on my face through a crack in the blinds. The birds were singing their good morning songs. A man must have decided to spend a day away from work, he was mowing his lawn. The AC is cranked in my boyfriend’s house, his dog is sleeping faithfully next to me, on a pillow, on the floor. We argued last night, exchanged horrible, hurtful, stabbing words. Tears were shed. Voices trembled and shook. Throats were raw. Makeup smeared. Sighs and groans, exasperation, frustration. And I woke up this morning to all this beauty, all this serenity, all this security. I realized that disagreements and discomfort and anger should be a fractional part of life. Why sit in sorrow and rage, when you can bask in beauty, in peace, in calm, when you can wake up–not only from slumber, but from that deep sleep you’ve been in your whole life that hinders you from truly exploring your hidden reverence for the world–and see things you never take time to notice. The trees breathing, the flowers dancing, the sky swirling. Just a small revelation I had today, but so worth jotting […]"View
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