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    Keychain swining from a blue jean pocket. The pocket was filled with candy, colorful candy in every hue and spectra. Who knows the amount of candy that can be contained within a pocket. Candy undoubtedly is better contained in a pocket with a keychain then ice cream.

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    The chocolate trees loomed overhead. The monkeys were enjoying their delicious abode until the gorillas learned of the forest made entirely of chocolate. Then they understood how they were to control the monkeys, control the forest. Taking up clubs and shields

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    The cowards stood on the precipice of the volcano. He looked down into the maw, as it grumbled low and omniously. I couldn’t believe that once I was considered a coward, now standing there, waiting for the fates to decide how I would end. Now it’s time to make a decision. I jumped, no longer […]

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    The controller was sitting high on his tower, the storm clouds creeping with the intensity of vinegar across the sky. The controller stood and placed his hands on the edge of the wall, peering down into the abyss of nothing. What was his control you ask?

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    The wrenching guilt of growing a hardwood yet laminate floor in the house of an elderly man was growing on her. She could no longer sit at the breakfast table looking at it, it was everywhere. Now she had to make a choice between keeping it, or paying them to uninstall it.