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    A beautiful, majestic creature. Pure white or jet black. Can also mean arrogance. Is a swan arrogant? Could a swan swan into a room? I don’t think swans are arrogant. Perhaps they are aware of their beauty, just […]

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    Little Red Riding Hood in the neighbourhood. An innocent child’s fairytale tangled up with a child’s world today. Gangs with hoods, protecting their streets, their territory. A red hood now no longer has the same […]

  • I attend to you. I wait on you hand and foot. I listen to you. I am your attendant. Always there, always seen and not heard. I wonder if you’ll ever know… I love you. I have since I first came into your service. […]

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    Residue. The dew on a flower petal, on the green spring grass. The drips from a freshly painted wall. The glistening leftovers of what is beautiful, the peaceful aftermath in the quiet after-minutes of art, of rain, of sex.