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    I sucked in my first ever breath of air. I was alive. Alive is beautiful. Alive is all around us. But I wasn’t like the other ones. I wasn’t human. Nor was I an animal or a plant. I was life itself.
    But I was living now.

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    ‘I just want to go home, Lisa!’ Matar huffed, folding her arms for the seven hundredth time. This room was driving her crazy , but not as crazy as knowing that she had the opportunity to stand up and leave at any moment.
    Lisa looked at her with pleading eyes ‘Please Matar, I can’t do this without you,’ she weaved her fingers into hers, ‘I need…[Read more]

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    Jessica pointed at Pace, ‘You better not mess this up, bro or I swear I’ll-‘ but she couldn’t finish her sentence because the stage manager had already began counting down the seconds until the show would be broadcasted across the globe. She settled for miming a slice across her throat.
    Pace pretended to wince ‘Wouldn’t dream of it, my dear.’ he…[Read more]

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    ‘What was I supposed to do?’ May hollered. I was bewildered.
    ‘Honestly? Well for starters you could have left them behind. What possessed you to take them along anyway?’ Her eyes narrowed and she stuck out her tongue. They were already making a mess of the kitchen, so god knows what they’d get up to on the road. Giving May my best glare I…[Read more]

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    ‘Staring at it probably isn’t going to help,’ she whispered. I spun around in my seat only to find I was still alone. ‘What is that thing anyway?’ said the voice once more. But I wasn’t sure. I had no clue as to what was propped up before me. It was very tall and wide. The object had small spikes jutting out at different angles and the colour was…[Read more]

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    Why she put up with this family, she didn’t know. She had been looking after these rascals almost all of her life and she was fed up with them. No thank-yous, no pleases. Even a look in the eye was a rarity. No more meals would she prepare for this lot. They could kiss her ass.