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    Shells rained down, shrieking like an army of banshees. Christian hunkered down in the trench, arms covering his neck, and cursed Angel for talking him into this madness. In fact, everything ever in his life was basically Angel’s fault, he’d decided.

    The shells hit, exploded. Dirt rained down. Men screamed.

    And then the mustard…[Read more]

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    “Shelter to the left, soup kitchen to the right, warm alley full of usable cardboard boxes straight ahead. Welcome to North O.” Joey smiled and swept one hand out.

    The grand tour was brief and depressing, but […]

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    Festival, I’d like to go to the festival, I wish I could go to the festival —

    Danny threw a shoe at the television. Scarlett turned around and glared at him.

    “I was watching that,” she said.

    He grunted […]

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    Form follows function. So the professors kept saying. The thing was, a bottle had such a basic function that the form was destined to be boring. Kelis sighed and picked up the bottle on her workbench. There was no way she could sell it. She glanced over her shoulder, checked no one was looking, and […]

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    “Stable!” Hannah shouted. No one replied. She cast a glance over her shoulder, and then the lights overhead went out. Hannah took a deep breath, waited. The hospital had backup generators. The lights would come back on. Any moment now. The ER was suddenly, impossibly, silent. “Hello?” Hannah asked. The man on the gurney sat […]

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    Building a Mystery. Her former roommate’s favorite song to describe the relationship she’d had with their other former roommate’s ex-boyfriend. But Davey’s posturing about being alluring, mysterious, otherworldly, and whatever crap he tried to pull to charm the ladies was a lie. When Valerie was lying next to Daniel in a tent at the foot […]

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    Prosperous, we are, Dad would always say around Thanksgiving. And we’d look at the one crusty, little turnip, the handful of too-small potatoes, and the half-starved turkey, and we’d nod and agree.

    Because we were all together, all alive and all limbs accounted for, and we didn’t weep over graves on Memorial Day.

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    Romantic was the wrong word for the setting. Daniel would have gone with creepy, if the way the girl was smiling and brandishing a steak knife was any clue. Admittedly, she was wearing a pretty red dress and had bright blue eyes, but the blood dripping from her hand was another bad sign. “So, maybe […]

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    Existence. Existentialism. On Prom Night. The only decent song she could play on the piano, and it always reminded her of him – his smile, his voice, the way he laughed. The way the light in his eyes faded as the rain washed over him through the shattered windshield. The way she didn’t have enough […]

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    Adam Ant. A travesty. But Jason kept sending her YouTube links to his old videos. She smiled and then cringed as soon as his back was turned. She had important things to do, life-saving things. Things she could never tell anyone about. That was what “top secret” meant. She only wished she could tell him […]

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    “That’s an offer I can’t refuse,” Max said, and rolled his eyes. “Don’t listen to him,” Daniel said. He was slumped in the corner, clutching broken ribs. “I refused it.” On the other side of the bars, their captor tapped her riding crop across the palm of her hand and considered shrewdly. Who could she […]

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    “The transport vessel will be here any moment.” Tamet prodded the nearest prisoner, who flinched and then glared at her with startlingly violet eyes. “We’ll never see this rabble again.” Sikhu huffed, relieved. Tamet knew he was thinking of the rubble in the main city, all that remained from the rebellion. She knew he didn’t […]

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    “You missed!” Joey jeered. Sam sighed, reloaded, and took aim again. Sure, his ego needed a little stroking. Help him feel better, Colonel Jackson had said. Let him think he’s competent. That wasn’t the same as letting him think she was incompetent, was it? Apparently, to Joey, it was. She fired. She missed. Joey laughed […]

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    Deer in headlights. That’s what most people called it. Anna liked to call it “unprepared in front of the judge.” For lawyers, the effect was about the same. She despised the sensation herself. “You see, your honor.” She pushed her glasses up her nose. “This is in alternative for a motion and citation for contempt. […]

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    There were answers in exhaustion. If she stopped caring about what other people cared about, if she stopped harassing herself about their opinions and criticisms and just looked at the problem, bare-bones and from the ground up, she could see the answers. Exhaustion was the key. If she worked hard enough, fast enough, long enough, […]

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    You’re driving me insane. He didn’t say it, just kept his hands on the wheel and tightened his jaw when she clicked through the contents of his iPod again, likely searching for whatever preposterousness his roommates had loaded onto it when his back was turned. As soon as Lady Gaga flooded, the car, he felt […]

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    The bulb was frail, cracking, dry. She cupped her hands around it gently and called for James. He skittered into the kitchen with a freshly prepared pot, all wet, dark soil and a smattering of stones, a snail to keep the new plant company once its shoots started to reach for the sunlight. Who knew […]

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    “Lock, stock, and barrel.” “Are we talking about the same thing?” Angela looked up from the lock she was picking. Joey was peering down the barrel of a shotgun with the air of a competent gunslinger, cowboy, or perhaps redneck. “We sure are, sugar.” “I’m not food,” Angela said, and felt the tumblers give beneath […]

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    “I want to speak to your manager.” The words she always dreaded hearing. Too bad the honest answer was, “No, you don’t really want to, because he’s an incompetent prat.” She said, instead, as she’d duly been trained, “Mr. Bryant is out of the office, but I am qualified to handle your complaint.” “This was […]

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    “Are we on the level, then?” Patrick asked. Sean glanced left, glanced right, spit on his palm. He held his hand out. “On the level.” Patrick spat on his own hand, and they shook. A bit of skin and saliva, the right words, and they were partners for the duration of the operation, and even […]