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    She barked the command again. “Roll over,” tracing a circle with her finger. Sammy cocked his head, quizzically. She huffed, putting her hands on her hips. “C’mon, pup. It’s not that hard, is it?” As if to answer her, he trotted over and nipped at her ankle.

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    As I made my way along the path, a rustle followed by the cracking of a branch rendered me still. A snowy, white wolf loped into the clearing up ahead, it’s yellow eyes never leaving my startled gaze.

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    The ashes at her feet began to scatter to the four corners of the Earth with the whispering wind. She choked back a sob and tears welled in her eyes. It was time to say her final goodbye.

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    She stood there at the edge of the roof, staring down upon the two men whom she loved. The battle was about to begin and one of them would have to die. Despair was evident behind glittering eyes. Because she was incapable of choosing, the war would choose for her.

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    It took me a while to find the perfect place, but when I did, I sat down and began to prepare for the night. Hunger ebbs and flows in these woods and right now I’m at the pinnacle of famished. I gather some roots […]

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    She sat, huddled in the darkened corner, arms wrapped tightly around her violently shaking body. Out of the silence, footsteps echoed down the corridor. They grew louder and louder, stopping just outside her cell. […]

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    For so long she had been trying to evade capture and for so long she live in fear because of it. No more would she run and hide — she was going to fight. She had to because her entire life depended on it, or if […]

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    High winds roared around them as squall after squall pounded relentlessly against the battered old boat. The we and tired crew huddled together around their Captain awaiting their final orders. Teeth chattered […]

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    “What do we do now, man?” his friend asked. Eric looked at his feet, shoulders hunched, defeat resonating in a long sigh. “I haven’t a clue. That thing has her and she’s probably dead by now…” Tam drew back, […]

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    I stumbled down the dark, damp passageway. It was hard to keep my bearings with so many winding halls and dead ends. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to find my way out of this hellish maze. Somewhere in the […]

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    “These are your choices, Corey. I really don’t see any other options here.” Matt looked at me with a stern resolve resounding from his deep blue eyes. I had to turn away. “Fine. I’ll adopt your conditions so long […]

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    She felt another powerful pull of influence wash over her and with one last quick glance, she mouthed “Do it,” to Eric. Her entire livelihood hinged on this man and his ability to save her. She turned back and stepped to Rolf’s outstreched arms. He shot Eric a wolfish grin and hoisted her over his […]

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    “I just don’t get why you like that story so much.” “Well, what’s not to like?” I asked. “There’s true love, miracles, death, despair, redemption, action…” I shrugged. It’s got a little bit of everything. Mike scoffed. “It’s a glorified romantic comedy.” “What?! You’re crazy. Have you even read the part when Westley fences Inigo. […]

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    “Come on!” Avi screamed. She couldn’t move. Her feet were rooted in place as she felt her master’s powerful sway overtake her. Avi grabbed her shoulders and shook her hard. “Let’s go, Lucy! We have to leave!” The thick fog cleared from her head as he drug her along behind him. As they raced into […]

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    She gazed in wonder at the world around her. From the ancient, cobble-lined streets to the tiny shops filled with exotic treasures, she couldn’t believe she was finally here. Where to go first? The scent of a hundred flowers whafted through the air to a melodious tune played by the man with a giant accordion. […]

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    A crisp breeze blew through them as they stood there, hand in hand. He gazed at her, this beautiful and mysterious creature. As the wind swirled through her hair he smelled the sweet and subtle scent of her shampoo. Strawberries. How did I manage to capture the affections of such a girl? This is a […]

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    They sat there in the parked car, an uncomfortable silence between them. She cleared her throat. “So, umm… great movie, huh?” He turned to face her and smiled. “Yeah, it was.” Another empty silence crept upon them. Her emotions were running wild and confusion was blinding. It took every ounce of her composure and strength […]

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    “I love you, Mandy, with all of my heart…” He gulped a deep breath, trying desperately to maintain his composure. “And I wish that things could be different.” He cupped her face in his hands as she stifled a sob. Her eyes were sparkling with unshed tears, waiting to overflow. He gently kissed her parted […]

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    Katerina slammed her fist down on the table in frustration. The dog jumped and gave her a patronizing stare. She chuckled. “Sorry Bucco.” The dog cocked his head and whimpered. “I know, I know. But I just can’t help it. This story lacks flare, zest… I dunno. Something. It’s too bland.” Bucco dropped his head […]

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    I crawled frantically across the blood-streaked floor trying desperately to get away from my incapacitated captors. I heard one of them groan and turned my head just in time to see him start to roll over. I wildly tried to regain my footing but my legs were still weak from the savagery of brutal torture […]