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    half a week has gone by and already college is passing by in a blur. I wish I were home when I have no one to sit with during dinner, lunch, or breakfast. I have no one to hang out with unless I explicitly call or […]

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    The banks won’t take my money when the mud crumbles off the edges of my jeans because I look sketchy. Ironic- I just stopped by after my practice at BAND CAMP after a strenuous day of dealing with AP homework. […]

  • annie commented on the post, concept 6 years, 8 months ago

    He didn’t grasp the concept that she loved him.
    She said it over and over again, but she could see the words visibly deflected, like the light reflecting off of his eyeglasses on this sunny day.
    “I’m sorry. I […]

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    the principal at the high school puffed out his large mustache, gripping his mug of coffee so tightly.
    Danny sat across from him, watching the steam wash up and invade the small hairs above his lip.
    The […]

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    Slighted again, slapped away by the desert sun, the tiny criminal slithers away into his tiny crack of a home, in a rock battered by daily storms….
    God damnit, why can’t people leave me alone when I write and […]

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    The puddle splashed up as the bike tire rolled through, sending flickers of mud up the white t-shirt back. He hardly noticed the dirt flying through the air, flicking his face. He smiled, and that smile was never […]

  • annie commented on the post, heartache 7 years ago

    Damnit, this word would take more than a minute to talk about, to write accurately enough.
    I’d rather have my eyes gouged out with a spoon than undergo heartache in its truest form.
    yet it’s a right […]

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    Ruby red eyes glittered behind the forest bush.
    A growl, a soft murmuring growl. Almost inviting.
    The sun shined down, highlighting the greasier portions of its black fur. Its fangs protruded out, framed by a […]

  • annie commented on the post, willful 7 years ago

    I am willful.
    I am willing to change. I am willing to push myself. I am willing to move past that night, a year ago (a little over a year, honestly) so I can dance again.
    That night I cried and called Joe at 1 […]

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    She jumped up higher and higher on the trampoline, building up enough height until….
    A backflip.
    But still a bit too low…
    …She landed down on her head, her body flopping down into a contorted mess on the […]

  • annie commented on the post, attendant 7 years ago

    The attendant stood smiling in the back of the theatre, watching her daughter swirl, singing joyfully through the mist onstage. Her neck, flung out when her head flings back, that white neck usually hidden by a […]

  • annie commented on the post, apron 7 years, 3 months ago

    No aprons, no shirt underneath, just a hoodie and oriental food in his kitchen with the lights down low on our second date. I didn’t realize it yet but I was already in love with him. I was stuck in a love I’d never be able to leave, sitting with a barely zipped hoodie and […]

  • annie commented on the post, return 7 years, 4 months ago

    He returned after a long bike ride of gasping breaths in cold air, with the tinge of a cough coming on so quickly. He returned to the home and knocked on the door four times in quick succession, taking in short breaths, making little puffy clouds of mist in front of his face. The door […]

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    Maroon, sitting there in a maroon jacket on the edge of the rocks, the water’s lips touching her toes with each passing speedboat. Her hair fraying behind her in the salty air, even though it wasn’t really salty, since this was Lake Erie. Her arms so naturally held behind her that they seem a part […]

  • annie commented on the post, bandana 7 years, 11 months ago

    That bandana from band camp, tied around my forehead, my neck, like a superhero cape at one point. How ironic, that that’s exactly what I am, a superhero, to all that know me. That’s all he can call me at times, he says “you’re magnificent.” And I can’t make the commitment, I can’t just tie […]

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    First edition of Little House on the Prairie is apparently the most difficult one to find. They have been making it easier and easier to read, easier for children to comprehend, just to make some money. Little House on the Prairie actually used to be a pretty sophisticated piece of literature, from what my English […]

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    Whimsical. That’s the only way I can describe it. What the hell does a ‘whim’ have to do with any of it, I don’t know. But whimsical! He picks me up, and carries me over to the side of the river, and sets me down right there, on a brushed-off log. Snowflakes falling everywhere, contrasting […]

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    I’m not really a believer, in most senses of the word. I don’t have enough faith to truly say I believe in God. I don’t believe in true love, and whenever I think, “oh, it COULD exist..” …well. Things happen to make me an unbeliever. All the time. But this one time, when I was […]

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    I know I should be thinking about the word, but really all I can think about is that I should be churning out as many other words as I possibly can in this minute. That’s the whole point right? It’s… UNDERSTOOD, right? See, I did it. I’m that awesome. And it’s thanksgiving, and it’s understood […]

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    Science, science, science. I’m not stupid at science. You think I’m so stupid, with science. I can write, that’s ALL YOU THINK I CAN DO. And science is your strong point. But I get A’s in science. I got a free scholarship to science camp in the 8th grade because I was the best in […]