• It was all under strict control. What we wore, what we ate, every action of every day was regulated. But it was all for our own good. We would never get a husband on our own and that was the most important thing.

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    I had never felt this way before. As if everything was falling apart around me. I was floating in space, gasping for air, my stomach ripped out and the ground pulled from beneath me. Call someone your whole world and when they leave you have nothing.

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    He just thought he was soooo funny. Look out guys we’ve got an effing comedian in our midst! As if it wasn’t jokes I’d heard a hundred times before. And he wasn’t even drunk! At least they were usually slightly intoxicated before the smirks and the subtle glances happened until one person was brave enough to break out and say what they were all…[Read more]

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    It was better to face it head on. I always knew that. The problem was that not everyone else did. They called me confrontational, like it was a bad thing for me to speak my mind. And that’s why I got kicked out, again and again, and that’s why I ended up here. In a tiny, posh, private school full of little girls who think the world revolves around…[Read more]

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    The light shines above me, so strong I can barely open my eyes. My head is pounding before I even sit up. I don’t have a skylight so once again I am not in my own bed. I really have to stop doing this, I think. Good morning, I say. Because once again, I can’t take my own advice.

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    I never quite understood why I understand computers more than people. Even the outcasts, the ones who are socially awkward. It was animals they understood. But I couldn’t even keep a plant alive let alone a relationship. So it was all down to me to come up with the technology that I could understand. And install the humanness back into me.

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    I climbed, as high as I possibly could. Not that I needed to escape, not physically. But up here, where the people are barely visible below but the sun dips so low you feel as though you could touch it. Here is where I can really escape. The sky is painted with purples and blues and burnt orange. A reminder of how insignificant we really are. But…[Read more]

  • She was standing there as the most pure and gorgeous person i had ever seen in my life. Her hair settled gently on her shoulders, framing her face, highlighting her silver eyes. But, when I looked down, her hands revealed something horrific…

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    I was longing for it my whole life. The chance to get away. Not that I was unhappy, rather the opposite even. But I needed something more. To get out into a world I had been sheltered from. And now it was time.

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    I bobbed and weaved, my shirt sticking to my sweaty back. Each punch pushed a dull ache through my over worked muscles. But each punch released a bit of anger. Anger I’d suppressed for so long, I didn’t even know it was still there.

  • I was a fortress and he was determined to break down my walls. As if constant persistence would change me. He seemed absorbed in the idea of me, like he believed I had some tragic back story. So absorbed in his quest that he never took the time to actually get to know me.

  • I cruise down the road, the sun hot on my back. I finally feel free. the sound of the sea is crashing inside my head. The taste of saltwater on the tip of my tongue. It is evening, people begin to die down as I awake. Heading ever forwards.

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    I was sweaty, my shirt sticking to my body. My fists were rubbed raw, I hadn’t bothered with gloves, only quickly binding. But it didn’t matter. I just needed to escape. The pain dripping in red down my fingers was giving me the much wanted distraction from what had just happened.

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    We were always the ones that were there. But it’s like we were never really there. Always right in front of their faces but never being seen. We were the ones that got invited out as an afterthought, the ones who were missing from the group texts. We were the others.

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    It’s almost time! The clock in the hallway ticks over the sound of the singers outside. The smell of the cookies wafts into the room, mingling with the smoke and embers flying out of the fire. The family surrounds, wrapped in blankets and nursing mugs of hot chocolate. It’s dark, despite how early it is. We are tired. Bed soon, because it’s almost time.

  • It was all centred around her. She stood, tall upon the podium. Standing tall was a brave gesture. She still had power, even in those few moments before her death she held everyone transfixed. The audience grew still in anticipation…

  • He was always there. In the back of my mind. And on my phone, texting and calling. I loved hearing his voice, we’d talk for hours. He liked every picture, every status. But he was never actually with me. Even when he was with me physically it felt like his mind was somewhere else.

  • We followed it. Over hills and down valleys, across streams and through cities. We had no other way. There was nobody else. Our days were spent walking, no stopping for food. At night we hoped we could find an inn or a house to put us up in return for any jobs that needed doing.

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    he held the weight of the world upon his shoulders
    quite literally supporting everyone and everything
    a great honour
    used as a punishment
    for who wants to be the one responsible for everything?
    although it is not your fault when something goes wrong
    somebody needs to get the blame

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    Erase the thoughts, erase the past
    Erase the things that should not last
    And let me know that when you go
    It will be slow not fast