• They said they’d used to watch Disney movies with only socks on the living room carpet, the characters were all meant to play roles in each other’s tiny screen lives of bright blue VHS glory, it was written in crayon on the streaky walls that they were meant to

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    flying in the blues the deepest blues I try to reach the highest point sailing upwards loosened balloons broken birds lifted on layers of light soaked smoke curled winds northern sky reaching always tops of mountains

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    he didn’t mention the girl he once knew. he thought to bring it up, timidly at first it entered in the corners of his mind, then he imagined shouting it, triumphantly, to the bus full of strangers, the people tangled in circuitous every day motion, and to the man next to him, he said nothing of her

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    the animals as entities roam. they let sound move up out of them the most instinctual sound from beneath the skin beneath the throat the fur moving over winded willows wide tundras sandscaped village with power