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    After a few moments of uncertainty, the pig began wallowing in the mud before him, rolling around and grunting with pleasure. It was his first time he had ever had anything besides a concrete floor beneath his feet.

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    She wrapped herself up in the blanket, tucking it all around her sides and her feet, trying to trap in her warmth and keep out the cold, making a cozy cocoon where she could reside until spring came again. Beyond the window snow blew sideways, carried on a icy wind.

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    The paint was peeling off the walls of the rented apartment, and mildew stains lingered in the corners of the bathroom. Kyra sighed as she surveyed the rooms. It was all that she could afford with her budget. The landlord had long ago given up on trying to keep it maintained. Now he focused on keeping it up to a bare standard that would allow him…[Read more]

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    The olive bobbed in the martini glass as Carol gave the liquid a swirl. She didn’t even like martinis. She would have thought that after two years together, he would have known that about her, but then, she thought a lot of things would be different after two years.

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    She sat stunned for a moment in the dirt, hands and bottom throbbing from where they had hit the ground. After a quick mental inventory, she determined that she’s suffered nothing worse than a few bumps and bruises, in addition to her injured pride.

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    She wanted to broaden her horizons with a college degree, but didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do. It seemed like folly to spend thousands of dollars on a college education just to have one, without any real direction or purpose. Community college was always an idea, one which had been suggested to her more times that she cared to count, but…[Read more]

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    At last she graced the hall with her presence. Her long hair was pinned up neatly, a few curls escaping, while her white gown trailed behind her, simple yet elegant.

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    The crowd gathered on either side of the street clapped as she danced down the parade route, tambourine in hand. She and the rest of the dance troupe were dressed as gypsies and the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance judging by the cheers as they passed.

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    She picked up the brush and ran it through her smooth chestnut hair. He would be arriving in the limo any minute, flowers in hand, wearing his best suit, all smile as he walked up to the door to greet her.

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    She grasped the rail as the ship listed to one side, and checked to make sure that her life vest was tightened. No one knew exactly what had happened, but the rumor was that the captain had taken the ship too close to shore, and it had hit a large rock and was taking on water. One thing she did know, was that the boat was sinking.

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    The mare raced across the rocky terrain, mane and hooves flying as she bore her rider towards home. The foe would be a day’s ride behind them, forcing them to hurry over rocks and ledges at a dangerous pace.

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    She knelt before him, hands clasped together, tears streaming down her face. “Please,” she pleaded. “Please spare him. My husband has ever been your loyal servant. He knew not what he did.”

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    He shook his horned head and stomped the ground. The walls of the labyrinth trembled. He was their fear, the shadow that lurked around every corner, the monster that haunted their footsteps. He was also an outcast, as lost as those wandering the maze built to contain him.

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    She held her loyal friends’ paw as they sat in the vet’s office together. His breathing was ragged, but he still looked up at her with loving eyes, and managed a few wags of his tail when she rubbed behind his ears. “I’m sorry, old friend.”

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    She hurried around the house, gathering up wayward plates and bowls to put them in the dishwasher, running the vacuum cleaner over the living room carpet, sweeping a duster over the woodwork. Her mother-in-law would be there any minute, and she wanted to make sure that she finished all of her last minute chores first.

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    The kitten was the cutest thing that Jenna had ever seen. It’s fur was still the soft kitten fluff, and it’s meow was a tiny, high pitched little cry. When it nuzzled it’s face into her hand, she knew that she was never going to let it go.

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    She flashed me a grin and winked. I smiled back, not sure how to respond to such an overt gesture. She disappeared for a moment as someone moved between us. When I side stepped to bring her back into view, she wasn’t there. Then I saw her, moving through the crow towards me.

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    He flew at her with a savage growl, and pointed the knife at her throat. She dodged aside just in time, catching him off balance, and knocking him to the ground. Then she ran. She ran like she was in the final few yards of an Olympic race, and she was going for gold.

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    It seeped from the crippled tanker like a stream black death–a floating viscous black ribbon that stretched out across the waves.

  • _Kate_ commented on the post, scar 7 years, 11 months ago

    She traced the scar with the tip of her finger, remembering the searing pain of the knife as it carved its mark into her skin. She hadn’t run. Instead, she’d fought back, possessed by a power borne of fear and pain. When forced to chose between fight or flight, flight had never been an option.