• I sit here, alone with my thoughts. How can this be happening to me? What did I do wrong? It hits me like a ton of bricks. I did nothing. This is not my fault. If they want to walk out of my life, so be it. They can handle the consequences. I stand from the couch slowly and walk out of the house, keys dangling from my finger. It’s time to go…[Read more]

  • She watched them scatter and grinned for a moment. Until one of them took aim. “Crap.” Kay ducked behind a pillar just as a bullet nicked the stone. Just because she would be born again didn’t mean she wanted to turn to ash. She’d be in a cage for sure when she woke again.

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    She glanced over at the other side of the bed. It was always empty. She was always in some random hotel room, some place that wasn’t hers. The other side of the bed was always empty. Kay could have found […]

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    He kissed her, softly against her lips. It was the first kiss, the sweetest kiss. Kay felt her eyes flutter closed as he slid his arm around her waist, never pressing her against him, only holding her close. It […]

  • She flopped on the sand and panted, trying to catch her breath. Her brain was telling her she couldn’t stay there. The banks of the river wasn’t safe. Kay needed to run. Her trembling fingers went to the wounds […]

  • She glanced down at her phone. Years ago, she got behind technology. Kay had been around long enough to know what would and wouldn’t stay around. Texting definitely wasn’t going anywhere. There were three […]

  • She felt them puncture her neck and she knew she was screwed. “Warren, please, it’s me. It’s Kay.” Her voice was panicked. His bloodlust was getting the best of him. She knew what it was like to drink her […]

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    She wondered if it was okay to dare to dream. It had been nearly seventy-five years, but there he was. How was it possible? Logic knew the answer, but Kay couldn’t bring herself to think that. There was Warren, […]

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    Do I dare?

    How can I possibly?

    What are my options?

    Should I think this through?

    Do I trust my gut?

    Why does it hurt?

    Is this the right choice?

    Am I being selfish?

    A child?

    Why don’t I […]

  • She looked around, making sure she wasn’t seen, before she slid inside. It was just one of her methods. When she was inside, she looked for any sign of him. Since she found out he was alive, Kay risked her own […]

  • She had to cut her losses and run. They had tracked her from Oregon to the city, and she would rather keep this life rather than sacrifice it. Raven would know what to do. Kay had to run and she knew she almost […]

  • Everything was put together. The movers helped her put it right in the center of the wall. Becca opened the box and pulled out the antique plate, gold edges with a intricate pink rose in the center. It had been […]

  • Props. Kudos. Nice job!

    I don’t get those anymore. I am lucky I can make it through a day without killing someone. Well, not killing someone. Stabbing them with a penil, maybe. That’s the perils of my job. I’m […]

  • He had all the cards.

    She walked into the room, ready to make him jealous. But amongst the wedding guests, Becca didn’t stand out one bit. He did. He looked handsome as ever, flirting with a bridesmaid. She […]

  • It never failed. Always at night.  As much as she replaced the fuses, they always seemed to blow after two weeks. It was the house. She was convinced she wasn’t alone.There was some solace in the idea that he […]

  • She licked her finger. It was delicious. That wasn’t a surprise. Her heels sounded on the hardwood floor as she walked through streamers and fallen balloons. Everyone had gone but she knew he was still here. […]

  • They were always the worst. Stupid box with like sixty different languages on it. She let out a noise of frustration. This was supposed to be easy. If he was there… She couldnt fault him for not being around. […]

  • Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip.

    They weren’t going to find anything. His ship was gone. Maria choked back a sob and left the bridge. No one followed her. Everyone know what happened between her and the missing […]

  • They were still up. He walked through the door, seeing the streamers as balloons announcing the birth of his son. Josiah choked back tears and went into the kitchen. The scotch was in the cabinet above the stove. […]

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    I looked around and realized just how ragtag this crew was. The important thing was that it was my crew. These were my family, my friends, the people I loved more than anything else in the world. I have never […]