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    “Hurry up! Hurry up!!!” Our guests will be here soon! If you don’t finish your chores, I’m not sure how tonight will go. Its imperative that we make this house as welcoming as possible. you know how ghosts can be when they arrive and there’s no cobwebs.”

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    The wooden coffin was lowered into the grave. It was cold and so very very quiet. Tom could hear the worms scratching through the lining. This wasn’t his first funeral. It would certainly not be his last…

  • I drove up the hill towards the giant brick faced monolith. It had bars on the windows. windows that trapped people behind them until the end of their days. Our car slowed to a halt at the front door, a woman in a uniform greeted us and helped me out of the backseat. “You’re going to be here for a long time”, she said…

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    “We gotta shake rattle and roll!” The prom kings and queens rose on this night to boogie down one more time, before they rested their heads in a dirt grave. Non-survivors from all sorts of prom night disasters […]

  • The children’s feet dangled above the cauldron. A centipede slinked back into its hiding spot between the crooked teeth of a skull. A wiry black cat stretched… obviously bored by their tears. Tonight the witch would not go hungry…

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    He rose from the ground and stood crooked on very long legs. He adjusted his overcoat and straightened his moldy bow-tie. He coughed up dust and years of rot. But the one thing that never once passed his lips was a lie. He put his withered stove pipe hat back upon his head as a […]

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    He put his hand on the chain-link fence. Crowds of people were led away from the city at gunpoint… No doubt their bodies would litter the river hours from now. Behind him the wails of the infected rose from the burning metropolis. He had failed at escaping.. His new task was to survive.

  • I walked up to the bar and ordered my beverage. He smiled at me with many mouths and pulled a long thin glass from the counter and begin to fill it with various liquids. With one of his many arms he slid the glass across the bar to me and I slurped it down. An […]

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    “Haha, this is the finest liquid my country has to offer” Ivan hollered as he poured himself another shot of the vodka. He slammed the shot down his throat and clapped his hands loudly. “Of course, Russia has one other drink I like every now and again.” he said, baring his fangs when he smiled.

  • The glen was alight with crystallized trees. The steady hum of the glowing water that had not been touched for centuries sat in a pool in the middle of the arc of trees. The statues of those unfortunate who had drank from, or bathed in the water from the pool sat crystallized just like the […]

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    The captain marched up the main deck. Sweat was pouring down his brow as he barked orders at the computer screens. Attack Attack Attack! The crew frantically pounded buttons and mashed control panels, carrying out their commanders wishes. More laser rockets were fired form their recesses in the side of the space cruiser.

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    The little girl peered out from the back of the totaled Lincoln. she had small blond braids and freckles. she grinned and waved a tiny hand. The other paramedics did not see her, as they pulled her parents from the charred remains of the vehicle. I did and I’ll never forget the first ghost I […]

  • The Queen of Hearts spread the thin pencil across his eye… Laced up his boots and adjusted his wig. He grabbed the axe and readied for the long night he had… It was certainly going to be “Off with their heads”…

  • He raised the bandana over his face, covering nose and mouth. The smell was nauseating and of course it came right through the cloth. There was no blocking out the stench. He grabbed the first limb from the scene. The other unrecognizable bits were strewn about…

  • The lights flickered on in the abandoned freezer… The stink of rotten meat came from the walls, flies came from the vents and the slithering of unseen maggots was deafening. A cold fog covered the cement floor. The ghosts of countless animals slaughtered in the locker shrieked at once and the lights went out.

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    The field was an emerald sea. The rolling waves of clover churned back and forth in the gentle summer breeze. as we frolicked we came upon an iron cauldron filled with chunks of little gold pieces… and behind us we heard the quiet chatter of hidden leprechauns under the tarp of green.

  • The door was shut, and the deadbolt fastened. i could hear the heavy breaths from the other side. It knew I was in here. It could smell me hiding… It started pounding on the door, clawing at it from the other side. i was sure the deadbolt would hold… but would the door???

  • we traveled from one encampment to the next stealing whatever we could from those who did not survive. We had spare tires, the days grew so hot they often burst within days… We had water… dear god we had water it was like gold. We sought out other survivors. we traveled all day and night. […]

  • There are many highways in this world… some lead to cities. some to the country. But what about the soul highways??? the ones that allows millions of ghosts to wander through our world? One such intersection crosses at my street…

  • Batman stared at the wall of green question marks. He took the scanner from his utility belt and let the blue beam search the room for clues. He knew Nigma had been here. It had his stink all over it. what was this??